The irony of Facebook and twitter fights

Hey y'all

Its your one and only Naija Princess lol and I'm here to complain about something! Last time I blogged, I talked about Nigeria's health care system. Today I'm going try not to talk about Nigeria....well, so Help Me God. You know people's attitude amazes me. If you are a twitter addict, you would dig what I mean...Senseless fights ( "aye! u are sleeping with my EX  boyfriend" or " aye ! u slept with all the babes in Unilag, Oloshi ni ehn ", etc....),  total disrespect for one's opinion ( A: "I think plantain is yellow" B: "You are fool for thinking that, plantain is green"), idiotic conduct ( "me I like huge  african d*ck", *pardon my french*,"if you got it, hit me up")....I believe that I'm meant to believe (?) that social networks are meant for  fun, meeting  new people, relax after a stressful day at work...But if you gonna act stupid and call other  people stupid, then my nigga, you are plain stupid. I believe that we as humans were given free will by God which also includes having your own opinion. But nowadays nobody respects your opinion! You don't agree with me ? Fine! You gonna insult me for saying my mind ? HECK TO THE NO ! lol and ironically you don't even know if we are going to fight over the internet about my  opinion, what would happen in real life ? It would be a disaster. Now the question is: how are WE gonna leave peacefully over the internet ? lol In your mind, you would probably go like " Naah girl, aint nobody gonna respect anybody's opinion" True true true...I mean the world aint perfect, so life in the virtual aint perfect either...I just need some people to think before they talk...Because all this twitter fight, facebook fight, banana fight, cigarette fights... are unnecessary! The time you are using to fight a total stranger is enough for you to cook, eat, sleep, study; bake cake, travel to China or Nigeria, or lol i dont know...But think about it, you are fighting, others are watching and laughing..Doesn't that make you feel a lil, i mean just a lil, dumb ? Even if you are right....Lol! Abeg Abeg Abeg! I know i'm not holy, I have my issues....but even if get into a fight online, I ask myself the question: Is it worth it ? No, it isn't...So brother,sister, nigga, father ,husband, wifey, kokolette, mamalette, babylette, kokodum (my word for fine boy ---> copyright!!) think about it. 

But for people following me on twitter (, here it goes: 

Peace and love 
Your Naija Princess


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