Twitter 'gods', twitter 'celebs'...

Yes y'all ! This is Naija princess aka Tall fine girl ( I love my smile and I love my dimple simple I YE YE YE !)

Lol how far y'all ? Hope y'all are good...ANYWAYS ! I want to speak my mind...Many of you who have the link to this blog, surely are following me on twitter. Omo, i gast to say this: I DON TIRE ! (yes i'm razz, aint nothing wrong with being razz nigga man ).

I have noticed that people are really taking this twitter like say na Holy water ( Baba God forgive me). If you just call somebody an idiot, they will send area boys to strip you naked ( this is fiction, it can happen tho). Na so I jeje open eye dey read timeline , na so i come see say everybody dey beef  Tunde, Eliot and Bino....I be dey ask myself wetin come lead to this kain palava...omo, i postrate...So na because dem snap picture for party I no go hear word  again ? Me sef no come understand wetin dey shele , na im  I come ask some of my paddies dem wetin be dey happen. Omo, dem yarn me no be small...all of una wey dey read this blog so for don know the gist, so no need to yarn you.

(ok i'm done being " razz" )

To the twitter god/celeb:  twitter is a social site meant for fun. You may have a lot of followers, fine, but that doesn't make you "better" than the others. You don't need to insult people before you know you are being heard....I get sick of it because I'm following some of this "celebrities". It's really annoying seeing their tweets at times ( I should just unfollow,  I know) . You are just a regular human being...Popularity on twitter is not a valid reason for disrespectful conduct. Don't try to be funny by making others look ridiculous. If they are fools, they will disgrace themselves. Remember, you are just popular online. In real life, you are (might be) a nobody. Avoid unwanted beef by just keeping your cool.

To the tweep:  twitter is meant for fun. Don't die because of somebody's comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion...Always remember that the time you are using to quarrel is enough for you to do something better with your life. Do you really think people who so to say support you during a tweetfight, really care ? C'mon ! If you are not a fool, don't act like one. If you are a female, try respecting yourself. All this dick/pussy talk if for people who don't have sex unless Santa Claus gives 'em  a doll/vibrator as present ( including males).  Speaking your mind is good, but respecting other people's opinion is better.

To newcomer:  never forget to say "PLEASE" when asking for a follow back.

hmmmm....I think I should make up Twitter rules for some tho....

Lol i'm done
No zaga zaga
Peace and love
Your Naija Princess


  1. Lol . noisly said ... thumbs up ...

  2. abeg , sorry i do not know the gist about where the beef with tunde ednut and co came from, someone please yarn tori abeg

  3. i dont know the jist oh . :| yarn abeg!!!

  4. LMAO NOT Tunde ednut ! " tunde , eliot and bino " are random names chosen for the people who were beefed in question :)


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