2011...what Dprincess has to say

Hey guys !

It's been a while I've written a post. Maybe because I have been quite busy...It's the 30th of December 2011. January 2011 seems like yesterday. I have so much to say but I doubt I will say much...

The year 2011 was a rough year for me. I will not hide behind a mask. It was rough but I had my good times. I guess why I say this is because the bad times overshadowed the good times. I remember how many times I cried during this year. I remember how much I laughed, was hurt and wandered away in my own imagination. But one thing I am definitely proud of, is the fact that I have grown over the years. Hey! I don't break things anymore when I am angry hehe ( I am not crazy please !). 2011 was quite interesting. Believe me, I was blessed. I was very happy when I was asked to write for www.tayotv.net (check out some of my articles on there lol). Although I have not been able to write as much as I want to, I am still glad with what I have written and posted. Let me just say this: writing is my passion.

I fell in love, dated, broke up and survived the heartache ( somebody, please give me a round of applause). But dating isn't really my main concern for now. It just felt nice to be in love and have someone around. Meanwhile there was this particular person I really liked. Forget it, I love"d" this person for a very long time ( even before 2011 lol), but I never told the person I did care about him. He lives far away from my location. Anyways, the irony of it all is: when I finally saw him again, I didn't like him in that sense anymore. I am actually laughing at myself right now. It's funny. Thinking about someone everyday, hoping that special one thinks about you too, and when you finally see him again you don't like him. I guess life goes that way. PS: I didn't cheat on my ex, lol.

School was hectic. It took so much of my time. I had a job in August. When my contract was over, I was happy because I was tired of doing the job. Not because I didn't like working but because of the people I worked with, my colleagues. Everywhere I go, I am being treated differently. Maybe because I am an African living in a white man's land ? I am not saying they were racist but I am always treated in a different way. And that "different way" isn't the good different, to me. People complain because I don't talk or, even when I talk, I am not being "loud" enough. I think people are really exaggerating. By nature, I am a quiet person, I don't talk much unless we are very close. Then I become the gossip of the village. Lol. Anyways, I got a new job in November...I worked there...I really liked my job. Hey! Did I mention I lost my job today ? Yup, I was fired. The reason my ex - boss gave me was, in my opinion, invalid.She was too rude. All I can say is I kick against racism and hypocrisy. But I thank God for my parents who comforted me today.The truth is, I don't need a job. I should stay home, focus on my studies and enjoy life.The humiliation was what caught me off guard and made me very angry and upset. But let's move on.

Social networks ? Someone call a bird and tell it to tweet, please. Twitter...Twitter...my kingdom of joy, pain, love, stupidity and fascination. (follow me: www.twitter.com/naija_princess1) Facebook was boring....Maybe I should add some new friends. But each time I put something online, I ask myself if I am not being too emotional or too open. I always have doubts. I think approximately 4 times before tweeting (lol). I am even having doubts while writing this post. But I guess I will learn how to say my mind in due time. Well the motto is :  Live outside the internet.

As for other things...I had a lot of disappointments. All the tears have shed this year could fill up the Pacific Ocean (lol). My dad's mom died. In short, a lot of things happened...But one thing I realized was that I didn't belong here. I mean where I am staying right now. It's not my home...home is were I would have a minimum piece of mind. I might just relocate ! Who knows ?

About New Year resolutions...I really don't know. I made some in 2010...But I was only able to stick to some crucial points. I am happy about that. I think I will just leave everything into the hands of God and take a new step every single day. I am not going to plan anything for the coming year. I will just be spontaneous, if I may put it that way.

I pray God grants us all His everlasting grace, mercy and blessings. With long life will He satisfy you and me and we shall dwell in His house forever and ever. Amen.

God bless you all
love and kisses
no zaga zaga
I'm out
Your Naija Princess


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