Going home : the death of my child

David was still praying. My eyes were open. I just wanted to go home. He kept on speaking in tongues. I rolled my eyes and went back to bed. He told me to get up and pray. I refused. With my eyes closed, I hoped to go home. I couldn't sleep. Pastor David wouldn't let me sleep. I told him to leave me alone, let me dream of my home. "What are you talking about ? Honey, we need to pray. Get up!  let us pray". I refused yet again. I didn't know why I did. I love to pray. I love to ask God for help. But this time I didn't want to. I turned around and fell asleep.

Nothing. I didn't see anything, I didn't dream about anything. 


I woke up. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was beautiful. My crown was shining beyond stars. I was a queen. I felt above the world. "Sweetheart, i'm almost  late for work ! Please, take Joshua to school. When I come back I would want us to talk about last night ? Is that ok ?" David said. He planted a warm kiss on my forehead and left for work. I was alone in the room. I kept looking at myself in the mirror. The three women  appeared. They bowed down before me and said in harmony "Great Queen of Uzaha ! Our greetings to you fair one" . they stood up and smiled at me.

"Mommy, please take me to school" my 8 year old son asked. I told him to give me 5 minutes. Joshua kept on repeating himself.  I told him to go way. I wanted to interact with the 3 women. He was annoying me. I picked up one of my heels and hit him. I just wanted him to stop disturbing. I hit his head. I couldn't  stop hitting him. I told him to shut up. I told Joshua to shut up. I told him to wait for me downstairs. I couldn't stop hitting him. "Mommy please stop" my son cried out. I couldn't  stop hitting him. "Mommy, please ! stop ! Daddy help me  ! Mommy please !"  I didn't listen to him. Joshua fell to ground. My T-shirt was covered in blood. "Mommy, why ?" he whispered. I couldn't stop. The women didn't stop me. Nobody tried to stop me. Joshua stopped  breathing. He was gone but I didn't stop hitting him. I kicked him. I carried his body and threw across the room. I licked his blood. I didn't know what came over me. Blood everywhere. Joshua's skull was a horrifying. I looked at him and laughed. The women clapped. The oldest of them said to me: " You have paid the ultimate sacrifice. You now have your powers. The kingdom of Uzaha shall drink the blood and  feast on body of the lad" They laughed. The women didn't seem friendly anymore. Their laugh was evil.

I looked at my son...and cried. What had I done ? I wanted to wake up. This dream wasn't good. It was horrible..I...

- Madam, are you confessing to killing your only child
- No, I didn't do it
- But madam, you just said you did. I am afraid that there is nothing I can do for you. Your case is beyond our powers. We...
- I didn't kill my son ! I love Joshua with all my heart ! He is the only thing I have ! Please you have to believe me !
- You are under arrest! You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law... 

I didn't kill Joshua...Joshua ! come back ! come home !

"Blood of Jesus ! Wake up ! Kate ! Wake up ! The devil is a liar ! Begin to pray !" I woke up. David was looking at me with a blank stare. I was scared. "David, where is Joshua ? where is my baby ?" I asked. 0. "Honey calm down! Joshua is sleeping" My heart was beating fast. "Mommy ? Why are you screaming ?" Joshua asked as he walked into my room.  I held him tight. I was confused. I checked him again. He was well. I held him again. I would never let him go. David, Joshua and I went on our knees and prayed.

The only home I have is my family...that's my home...not Uzaha...

note: this is fiction. 


  1. You're really talented Sharon. You have a beautiful mind & I love your imagination! Don't stop writing. xx


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