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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dear future husband

How are you ? I hope you are doing well. I have been dreaming about you and our wedding day since I was 6. Young age, isn't it ? I thought I met you twice...2010-2011 and back in march 2012. I didn't know I was wrong. I laugh. You do have a funny way of showing me that you are still out there. I'm not desperate in my quest of finding you. I'm rather calm. Maybe because I'm still young ? I still have a long way to go. I have been through a lot with men. But yet I was still able to keep that one thing that is valuable to me. Ranging from guys who weren't serious as I was, to falling in love with a guy who just wanted to use me. A guy who took advantage of my weak heart and my love for him. Honey, I am not that sweet girl anymore. I am blunt and indecisive. I am an alpha female. I have built a tall wall around me. Can you break it for me ?Can you mend my broken heart ? Can you put a real smile on my face ? Can you keep me humble at all times? If I push you away, will you give up on me ? I wonder what you are doing at the moment...Are you studying, sleeping...seeing someone else ? Anytime I close my eyes and think about you, I pray to God that he protects you wherever you are. Where are you ? In what continent do you live ? Anytime I think about my failed relationships, I wonder if the heart breaks are worth it...If they are worth you...Anytime I think about you, I feel calm. I mean the tears and sleepless  nights couldn't be for nothing ? I'm sure God hears me when I pray concerning you. So all what I have faced must have happened for a reason...right ?

I wonder what you look like. Your personality matters a lot to me. Can I joke with you and mess with your head ? How I pray that you are ambitious and hard working ! You coming back home from work and I being your stress reliever...Will you kiss me on my forehead before leaving for work ? Nights to talk about..If you know what I mean.Can I trust you with my deepest secrets ? I want you to be that man I look up to every single day. I want to be proud of you and support you in your ambitions. Can we complement  each other ? I think about how you would grab me from behind when I'm in the kitchen. You tease me, I tease you...Us being an unbeatable team. Yes, a team. Can I let my guard down with you and trust you ? I find it hard to open and trust people. Will you be that one exception ? Carry me to bed... I lay my head on your shoulder, playing with your shirt, as I'm about to ask you a favor. Can I wear your T-shirt ? I know I sound a bit dreamy...but dreams make the world go round, don't they ? Will you make my efforts be worth it? I don't have to time to play...I'm too focused. And sometimes I feel like you don't even exist at all. It's so hard to not say that all men are the same. Could you please prove me wrong ?

I'm saving my love and what is left of my heart for you...Just know that I love you already.

Your future wife

-The Alpha Female.
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Written by Lovely

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  1. This is beautiful! I don't know you but I can relate to the overall theme of your letter. He's out there somewhere; and he'll find you.

  2. I rarely post comments but this is 1 piece every broken-hearted female must brings the reality of the future to the present.
    Unique and simple. I like.

  3. Hmmn! This is amazing.... I understand U much better now..


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