BBM conversations with a dead man 2

I hesitated in answering Fola's question. A part of me wanted to forget  Segun. After all, my relationship with him brought me more pain than good...He didn't just break my heart, he grieved my spirit. "Segun is my ex-boyfriend...I remember telling you about him and what happened between us." Fola looked at me with what was left of his face. His appearance never scared me..."I know he is your ex. What I mean is how well do you know his business ? Has he ever confided in you about anything in particular ?" It then hit me that Segun was very secretive about his affairs. He never opened up to me about his worries, job...I didn't even know his last name until I decided to do some "research" 2 months into our relationship. I can now say that what I had with Segun wasn't worthy of being called a relationship. "Segun has always been coded about his private life. I don't know much". Fola sighed and said: "I thought as much. You are innocent in this situation." Situation ? I became confused as to what Fola was talking about. "Have you ever wondered why I am like this ? Why I am still able to function as a living being whereas I'm dead ?". I quickly replied "Yes! I have been wondering but I have been afraid to ask you about it...please enlighten me." That was when I heard the shock of my life.

Fola told me that him and Segun had been best of  friends since their primary school days. They both had humble beginnings. Unfortunately Segun's father left his mother when he was yet in primary 6 and his situation went from bad to worse. His mother had to struggle to put him and his younger brother through school but she could only afford to pay for his education until he graduated from secondary school. Segun's countenance waxed cold. He became bitter. Fola told me that he was helping him with some money from time to time. But Segun thought it wasn't enough. Out of desperation, Segun got involved in the sales of human body parts. That involved him having to kidnap people, killing them and taking what he could from them. Such as organs, fingers, toes, wombs...Fola advised him to quit, but Segun refused. He was devoured by the love of money. This went on for 2 years.  By the time he knew it, Segun was rolling in money, opening businesses and bank accounts, spending money like there wasn't a tomorrow... At some point Segun's "business" started going down the drain. He then sought help from a native doctor who made him have a blood covenant with a demon called Menua. Due to this covenant, Segun was never allowed to get married or love a woman else he would die in a horrible way. He would get a stroke, his body would rotten (while he was still alive) and the end thereof would be a dreadful death. When Segun told Fola about the covenant, they got into a heated argument. Segun became furious and stabbed Fola.

I was scared and short of words. I managed to ask Fola "Then why are you still here ?" He laughed and said:

"Every human being has an appointed time to die. If someone tries to  kill you before that time, he won't succeed. Only death kills. You know my heart doesn't beat, right ?  That is because Segun took it. Hehe! I find it very funny when you cry over him. He never loved you. To him, you were his next victim. He couldn't lay his hands on you because you kept praying to God about your relationship with him. God sent me to you to tell you all this because he has seen your grief and tears."

"Fola, why didn't you tell me all this before ?"

"Because Segun will be at your door in the next 60 seconds. He will try to kill you, but don't worry."

I was about to ask some questions when I heard a knock on the door. "Rita ! Rita ! open the door." Segun then broke my door with so much force. A knife in his hands, his eyes red like blood, sweaty...

"Baby, what is wrong with you ? Wake up!"

I opened my eyes and saw myself lying next to Segun. He looked at me with a confused look. "What is happening to you ? You were crying and screaming. Are you ok ?" I didn't know what to tell him. "I had a terrible nightmare." He looked at me and said "A nightmare ? Get up, let's pray." I and Segun prayed but a part of me was so scared of him that I had to pray with one eye opened. After our prayer Segun held me tight.

"I'm sorry about the things I said to you last night. Please forgive me.I was just angry."

"It's ok...I understand. I love you"

"I love you too. Oh! By the way my childhood friend Fola will be coming to see me today. I know you don't know him, but he's a nice person. We've been through so much together. I'm sure you guys will get along."


- The Alpha Female.

In case you missedpart 1


  1. Hahahaha...see her on her bike immediately...Fola ke?
    Really nice piece babes; U know I have said it before...I marvel at Ur imagination.

  2. Interesting.. I dnt want to finish reading it... Nice one Sharon..

  3. I just had to laff @ the end. There is no way in hell ∂@ gal will sleep the next nyt! Nice story line. Only God knew what was running thru ur mind when u wrote this.


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