BBM conversations with a dead man

I woke up at 6am that morning as usual. The house was filled with a smell likable to that of dead animals and expired food substance. I got down from my bed and stepped on something moist. Worms again. "Fola ?". He came into my room. "Good morning dear. Oh! I'm sorry about this, let me quickly take a shower and i'll clean up the mess. By the way I need to discuss something important with you" Fola said. I managed to utter a few words such as "Good morning"..."It's fine". He's condition was getting worse. His flesh had deteriorated. I could swear I saw a bit of his skull.  Fola left my room and went to take a shower. I stared helplessly at my bible and wondered how I had  gotten myself into this mess. Should I pray to God ? Or should I accept the fact that I was living with a walking dead in my house ? Fola never bothered me. We never argued. We shared jokes and laughed, but there was just one problem: he was dead. I know it sounds crazy...Fola's heart doesn't beat. But he can talk, move around. If you didn't know who he actually was, you would think he was a normal person. He has been living with me for the past 6 months. I was lost in my thoughts and confusion, when I heard "Let me open the windows for some fresh air". The word "some" was indeed an understatement. He cleaned up the mess.    I noticed that he smelt good. I inhaled the new air in my room, and sighed. "Won't you brush your teeth and take a shower ? hmm! Your mouth is smelling" Fola covered his nose and looked at me with sarcasm written all over what was left of his face. "You that doesn't have a nose. There is a worm coming out your skull. Mschew." He laughed.

How I met Fola is indeed a tale to tell by moonlight. I came back home that fateful night with tears in my eyes. I had lost my job. Losing my job wasn't what hit me the most. I was tired of it all. My best friend's betrayal, my lover's heartless acts, my family on the verge of breaking down...It then hit me that I was alone, and I had no one to turn to. I came to a point in my life where I didn't know who to trust or call a friend. I realized that people walked over me because they felt I wouldn't talk, I was soft. "Ah! Rita ? She's a softie!" I was depressed that night. I cried out to God because I had been back stabbed and betrayed too many times. I wondered if I was cursed...had I offended someone ? The pain and heart break was too much for me to bear that I contemplated putting an end to it all. I just wanted to be alone. I took my Blackberry and was about to take out the battery , when I saw a new BBM request. I wondered who "Mr F." was. Had Segun come to his senses ? Segun was fund of changing his BBM name that I had to rename him. But after our fight and me deleting him off my contact list, I lost his BB pin. A part of me was sceptical about it...After all, Segun told me to disappear and not add him back again. I hadn't given my pin out and I hated it when people distributed my pin without my consent. I accepted "Mr F." request and interrogated him about how he got my BB pin. He told me he had gotten it from a BBM broadcast. BBM broadcast ? I was angry. Normally when I was told such lies, I would deleted the contact immediately...But I didn't delete Mr F. I dropped my phone for the day and went to bed.

The next morning, on checking my phone, I saw a "Good morning dear, how are you ?". It was Mr F. I read his ping and didn't reply. A few minutes later, " My name is Fola, I suppose your name is Rita ? ". I affirmed his question. "Well I'm wishing you a good day ahead, God blessings dear". I coldly replied him with "Thanx". Who was this guy ? Well...days, weeks and months went by, and I started opening up gradually. Fola would ping me everyday to see how I was doing. I kept telling him I was fine. But what struck me was was when he told me: " lol you keep telling you are fine, but something within me tells me you aren't. well...if you feel like talking about it, I'm always here and by the way...It's high time we meet". He was right, I wasn't fine. I wondered if Segun would come to his senses. Was he thinking about me as much I was about him ? With time, I found out that Fola was a very intriguing personality. I loved his views about life and his ambitions. He gave me an address. We were supposed to meet there for the very first time. I was excited. Fola had become a very good friend. I grew to appreciate his advises and encouragements. We talked every single day and I never got tired of it. He put a smile on my face again.

On my getting to the address, I was shocked when I found myself in front of a cemetery. I thank God it was broad daylight. Was I lost ? I pinged Fola but my pings didn't go through. Confused and concerned, I went back into my car and waited for my pings to deliver. When suddenly I heard a knock on my window. "Rita !" Fola ? I came out of the car and Fola hugged me. I was shocked. "What are you doing in a cemetery ?" He laughed. "Let's go to your place, I will explain everything to you" I hesitated on whether I should take this complete stranger home...But I did.

"I see you are done taking your shower. Come, there is something I want to discuss with you." I sat next to Fola, wondering what it was he wanted to talk about. I was blown away when he asked me:

"Rita, how close are you, or were you, to Segun Bakare ?"

What business did Fola have with my ex ? How are these two people connected to each other ?

-The Alpha Female

The continuation of this story drops on the 30th of september 2012.

in case u missed part 2


  1. You this girl eh....your imagination intrigues me....smh...nice one...

  2. PWow!! Its really cool cnt wait to read d nxt one.. Keep it up..


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