Death row: The end of Mercy Ayodele's story

It was time for revenge. It was payback time. Miss Dee took me to a little apartment where she told me to stay in for a while. She told me not to go outside because the authorities were looking for me. It dawned on me that time and opportunity weren't on my side. I had to think fast. I didn't know when, but I knew how I would take care of Jessica. Miss Dee helped me with a lot of information since I couldn't get them myself. I became furious when I was informed that Terrence and Jessica had gotten married. It didn't make sense to me. It took me one year to figure out what I was going to do to Jessica. Terminating her was an option. Forgiving her was another. I got pictures of Lara. She had grown into a beautiful young lady. She was 17 and still had those innocent eyes. Those innocent eyes that gave me hope for a better tomorrow. I decided to approach Lara hoping she would recognize me. I knew it could cost me my freedom and life, but I took that risk. Standing outside,  I waited for Lara. She wore her school uniform with so much grace and wisdom. I was proud to behold the sight of her. "Lara..Hi, do you recognize me ?" She looked at me with disgust in her eyes, shook her head and walked away quickly. My heart sank,I was hurt. To me, that was the last drop. Jessica had to pay.

I made calls and sent letters to various people. I found out that Jessica was at the verge of becoming a judge. It was the right to take her out. The calls I made, brought confusion to her chambers. Evidences linking her to the murder of Jide were made public. She held press conferences claiming to be innocent. I laughed as I watched the news. I was the elderly woman sitting under that iroko tree,watching silently as the children made fools out of themselves. I wanted her to feel the pain I went through. Destroying her career and everything she worked so hard to build was the first section of my plan. Every week something disastrous came out on the news. Months went by... Releasing official statements, pleading for sympathy...It got to a point where she lost her position as a candidate judge. Jessica's reputation was ruined. It was so easy to kill her career. All the secrets she told me in the past, I kept record of them and used them to the best of my knowledge. That was the beginning of the end for her.

Her marriage to Terrence crumbled due to rumours . I found out they separated and she now lived on her own. I went to her house on a fateful night. I waited for her to turn off her lights before intruding into her home. My years in prison paid off quite well as I unlocked the door with ease. I got into the living room when I began to hear noises. It sounded to me like she was moaning. I approached her room silently and saw what made realize that she had taken too much from me. She was fucking a guy I didn't know. Jessica  rode that dick like something else. His hands on her ass, grabbing them...I watched. Within me, my rage knew no boundaries. I came to the conclusion that she must have fucked my husband the same way. Pictures of me and Terrence kept flashing in my head. Those nights...His touch...His fulfilled smile...The way we would cuddle and laugh...The demon in me kept saying "Enjoy it while it lasts, Jess, enjoy it while it lasts". I pulled out a gun and walked in on them. "Jessica" She turned around. I saw fear in her eyes.  She couldn't say a word. Jessica probably thought I was dead. The guy she was sleeping with managed to escape my wrath as I was only focused on her. I didn't care about him. Jessica made me lose my sanity and my worth. I pulled her by her cheap extensions she calls hair and took her to her garage. I then hit her head with the gun. She lost consciousness. I proceeded to tying her with ropes. I didn't cover her mouth because I wanted to hear her in pain.

She regained consciousness an hour later. "Why ?" I asked her. She didn't answer my question. She kept on saying "I"m sorry, forgive me". I pressed a hot iron against her chest. She creamed out of pain. I felt no mercy. I was angry. "Why?" "Mercy please" She sobbed dreadfully. I pressed the iron against her feet.    Jessica screamed yet again. She almost lost her voice. It was so funny to me. I smiled. "Why ?" I was about to hit her when she managed to say "I don't know why I did what I did". 13 years of my life Jessica wasted and she didn't know why she did it ? I wanted to hit her again when I heard: "Mercy! Stop. It's over"

I turned around and I saw Terrence.  How did he get there ? "Mommy leave her, God will deal with her. Mommy please leave her" Lara begged me. How did they both get there ? How did they know I was alive. I fell on my knees and burst in tears. Terrence and Lara held me tight. The police came in and arrested Jessica. They did take her to a hospital where she received treatment. I knew my end had come. They took me into custody and asked me to make a statement. I was surprised when they said I was free to go. But they advised me to see a psychologist and go for counseling.

Terrence and Lara picked me up the next morning. As I was about to get into the car, Terrence said: "I am Miss Dee" I couldn't believe my ears. So Terrence knew I was innocent all along. I couldn't help myself but cry. He smiled and kissed me. I felt like my world was complete again. Lara sat at the back. We drove away.

About 8months later Jessica was sentenced to death for man slaughter and obstruction of justice.

- The Alpha Female.

In case you missed part 1, here is a link


  1. You killed it the fact your story is full of suspense,i enjoyed it but mercy wasn't kind enough to let jessica ride her new horse to satisfaction island lol ("_~) Nice work dr....


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