Falling in love with predators : a letter to guys who keep side chicks

I have witnessed, heard and experienced so much things when it comes to the matters of the heart  that I am left with just one question: why ? Until recently, I used to be that naive, sweet, innocent girl that thought not everyone one is the same. Lies. I have come to the conclusion that everyone is wicked until proven otherwise. I was in bed, trying to enjoy some rest when one of my girlfriends, messaged me on BBM and narrated her love dilemma to me.Nowadays ? I don't want to seem like one of those girls...but I put guys in that "I don't give a flying fuck" zone until proven worthy . I don't have time. I'm not about that life, son. If you are not about to  be serious, don't even try it. Friend zone isn't even an option because predators usually like to upgrade themselves from that friend zone to that boyfriend zone. When they get there ? They use you, damage you, put the blame on you and move on to the next thing. Niggas aint shit. Recognize the difference between a nigga and a REAL man. Niggas with dicks are everywhere, but real men with ambition are hard to come by. Why do good girls end up with the bad guys ? And why do most good guys end up with bitches ? The keyword here is WHY.

Falling in love with a predator is one of the hardest things in life. It all comes down to when you realize you have been used. I used to refer to predators as "players". I was then told that players don't exist anymore. Being the naive me, I accepted it as a fact. We are in 2012, who still has time to play girls ? God has a very funny way of opening my eyes. I thank God for where I stand today. I am indeed loving the woman I have turned out to become. It's important to guide your heart. But if you don't get hurt, how would you learn ? It's ok to cry. It's ok to miss that person. But it's not ok for you to be unhappy. Whether you are a man or a woman, do not depend on the opposite sex to make you happy. We are all individuals trying to figure out how to create our own happiness. Never be afraid to love again, just be cautious. People will always be wicked. Family, friends, lovers will betray you and break your heart. It's inevitable. At the end of the day, it all happens to make you stronger.

A word for the predators out there.

Young men, I am highly disappointed in y'all. How do you wake up in the morning and just decide to use a girl. Use her for what ? Sex ? Are you that lame ? Have you no conscience ?  Do you place bets with your "brothers" just to see who is going to break the girl first ? To hell with your Bro Code! You think you won't have a daughter some day ? You will. I promise you this. Men will use her too, decrease  her bride price. You will know what it feels like. Some of you protect your sisters. Good job. But did it ever hit you that I am someone's daughter ? You think keeping a bunch load of side chicks will fuel your ego ? Thou shall hide not under the shadow of maturity, brethren. It goes a long way for you to break a woman's heart intentionally. You probably think because you're "men", you can marry at any age. Be deceiving yourself there. Looks fade. Money fades. Sexual skills fade too !! Don't think getting a lot of pussy is a good thing. You have nothing to boast about. I suggest you sit down and evaluate your lives. Funny enough,  most of you want to marry women like Michelle Obama. I can see your heads aren't placed on your necks. Change!

And to you women who are predators, I sigh in agony. Change your ways. That clock is ticking. Get busy, make the best out of your lives. Be confident. Get degrees, get  your job done. Get that money. Be independent. You are most likely to meet the right man at the top of your ambition. There's no time for side dudes. There is no time to use a guy. Good guys are scarce. There is no time.

But...come to think of it. If people's hearts weren't meant to be broken, wouldn't the earth stand still ? It seems like we do need these predators around.

- The Alpha Female.


  1. Wow....I love this...:)

  2. 9ice1. I hv waited a long time 4 this! Life wld hv been much easier if guys wr dedicated , loyal & honest. Buh d trust is, we onli act according to how we'r been treated. It all ballz down to d fact dat girls really dnt knw wah they want, u certainly cnt expect a nigga to remain upright & show fairness to evri girl he meets. Well " Guys sld remain contended while girls slhd figure ut wat they really want in life! Thnks 4 posting this :) @Novemba_13!

  3. Ventful Rants.. Nice tho.

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