Desperation of a young wife

Aigbe smiled callously as he watched Esosa tumble backwards unto the floor. He thought to himself that she quite looked like a fish out of water, flailing about, reaching for support that would not be forth coming. His smile, very quickly evolved into a cruel laugh as he watched the back of her head crash onto the cold, tiled floor with a sickening, wet sound. Heaping astride her semi-conscious body, he rained three solid blows unto her torso, working his way from her lower ribcage to her sternum. She yelped, shook and choked with each blow, unable to fight back
''You are the one that will die, not me, stupid harlot''
He spat into her face as the last blow landed and she choked violently, jerking with the impact of the blow and recoiling from the glob of project spittle that had hit her face. 
''You! Are! A! Mad! Dirty! Prostitute! 
Each word was punctuated by a slap that sent waves of pain coursing through Esosa's head, she could barely speak or shout or scream in protest, much less move. She felt herself start to slip into a numb blackness but she tried to hold on. Aigbe wrapped his hands around her neck and muttered.''Witch! Harlot! Your plan has failed.
Esosa slipped deeper and deeper, suddenly, she was lost to events of the past.


Some few hours earlier, Esosa was a happy woman, smiling to herself as she poured the brown powder into the bottle of merlot. She recorked it and shook it violently until the powder began to dissolve. She knew Aigbe was already on his way home so she set the table quickly, she had prepared his favourite dish, just the way he likes it, she went through all the stress of pounding one of the yams he brought home two weeks back, rather than the usual Ayoola poundo yam she usually prepares. To go along with it was vegetables which she stocked with various sorts of assortments. She tasted the soup, smacked her lips and smiled to herself. She quickly ran to get some champagne flutes and set it on the table, pushed back a chair, sat and stared at the blank space... It all came back to her

Four years ago she sat in front of the dressing table, staring at herself in the mirror. I, Esosa, I'm getting married today to the love of my life, she said to herself. She could vividly remember how Ada her friend tried effortlessly to get her to go on dates with Aigbe, but she just wouldn't oblige. Aigbe never gave up on her and Esosa loved him every second for that. 

Years later, they were a happy couple, their marriage seemed to be a success, they had everything they could ever desire. But one thing was missing. The cry of a baby had never been heard in their house. Its been 3years and 11months since they got married, Esosa hadn't gotten pregnant once. I am perfectly fine, she said to herself, Aigbe claimed he was too, but he just wouldn't let them pay a visit to the hospital. He kept reassuring Esosa that they were going to have a baby in Gods time and each and every time, Esosa thanked God for giving her a man like him.

 Esosa got a call from Ada one afternoon, asking to see her after work. Esosa went over immediately she got off from work, ''what's up'' Esosa asked, immediately ada came down the stairs. why are you not out looking for ways to get pregnant ehn Esosa, why are you not trying to find a solution to your predicament? She scolded. God will give me a child, Esosa replied quietly, by the way, Aigbe has been very understanding. Ada almost spat in her face before she ended the statement. Understanding kwa? Aigbe will not do anything should your in-laws come and throw your things out. You want them to get your husband another wife abi? Ada screamed. Esosa sank deeper into her seat and sighed. So what do you suggest I do now? She asked. Ada calmed down and a smile appeared on her face. You remember Ade? Ade thomas? He left school for india to practice herbs healing or something, remember?

Ada asked. Ade thomas? Esosa tried racking her brain but nothing was forthcoming. Suddenly, it registered. Ade and Esosa were good friends back in school, but he disappeared before they graduated, so they lost touch since then. Yeah, I do, what about him? Asked Esosa. Well, he's in town, and I think he can help you, ada said with a smile. In that moment, esosa seemed completely lost, she stared at Ada with confusion boldly written all over her face. Help me? She asked. How? Then Ada explained, he might have some herbs which you or your husband can take to enhance your chances at getting pregnant. Esosa was excited all at once, just the thought of it brought shivers down her spine, I would carry a baby in this womb of mine at long last, she thought to herself. Suddenly, she stopped short in her thinking, not wanting to seem too forward since it wasn't certain it was going to be possible yet. She looked at Ada who had been quiet while she was lost in thought, when can we see him? She asked. Her face couldn't hold the shock and happiness when Ada said 'right now' Esosa was ready to give it a shot, she had nothing to lose anyways.

 So they got in the car and drove to Ade's place . He greeted and welcomed them warmly, then they all chatted bout old times, whilst catching up with recent happenings. It was nice seeing him again, he had changed a whole lot and is making it quite well for himself, Esosa thought to her herself as she glanced around the room. Ada had already discussed Esosa's issue with him so he asked her to lie on the couch and raise up her blouse. She looked at Ada immediately who gave her a sign which says ''Do as he says'' she raised up her blouse revealing just her flat stomach. Ade pressed his hands on each side of her stomach and then just below her navel, his hands were pressed there for a while, then he asked her to get up, she did whilst pulling her blouse down. You are okay, Ade said, but I'm going to mix some herbs for you, and some for your husband. Esosa's face creased to a frown immediately, she was concerned about the husband part. Aigbe will never agree to taking any form of concoctions whatsoever, she knew that firsthand cos he blantly refused all the mixtures her mother got for them. Worry was written all over Esosa's face, Ada quickly touched her shoulders and assured her there was nothing to worry about, they were going to find a way around it. Esosa tried to force a smile and nodded her head quietly. Ade then told her she would have to come to his place everyday for two weeks, cos he would prepare it freshly when she arrives so she can drink immediately, and during that period, sexual intercourse musnt take place. Esosa was excited once again about the prospect of taking in that she agreed to everything. As long as its to our benefits in the end, she convinced her herself. After work each day, esosa went to ade's, drank her herbs, hung out for a while, he sees her out, gives her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, opens her car door while she gets in and drives off. That was their ritual. Four days into the two weeks of no sexual intercourse, Aigbe woke up in the middle of the night, Esosa had refused him sex 3days consequently, and he wondered what was wrong. He woke her up and asked her why she had been denying him sex, have I done anything wrong? He asked. Esosa turned to face him and shook her head, she couldn't possibly tell him she was taking concoctions and was told to stay away from sexual intercourse. Aigbe will term it bullshit and stop her from going on with it. No, she couldn't tell him. You avnt done anything wrong dear, I'm just not in the mood. With that said, she turned her back to him again and slept on her side. Aigbe confused as he was decided to let it go and tried sleeping it off, but he couldn't sleep, his wife had never displayed such character in their almost 4years of marriage, he couldn't think of anything that might have gone wrong, maybe something bad is happening in her office, he thought, but she would talk to me about it if that was the case. Suddenly, something registered in his brain, reminding him she had been late from work 4times that week already, what was keeping her? Aigbe was lost in thought till he finally slept off. When he woke in the morning, Esosa had left for work already, she left a note by the bedside table ''LEFT EARLY FOR WORK, DIDN'T WANT TO WAKE YOU, YOUR BREAKFAST IS IN THE MICROWAVE. SEE YOU WHEN I GET BACK... LOVE.'' Aigbe tossed the note aside, something was up with his wife, and he had to get to the bottom of it. He quickly made a call and hired a private investigator, the investigator came over, he game him all his wife details and showed him a picture of her. He was to tail her and find out where she goes to after work. The investigator headed out to Esosa's office, parked and sat in his car, waiting, and waiting, hoping something would happen soon, nothing was forthcoming, he had been there since 8am that morning, it was past 5pm already. He was thinking of driving off and reporting to Aigbe that nothing out of the ordinary happened since Esosa didn't even leave her office all through, when he caught a glimpse of Esosa coming out of the office, she went straight to her car and drove off, he waited a few seconds and then drove after her. She made a stop as usual, went in and was in there for about an hour. The investigator took watch outside, wondering what would happen next, 25min later, esosa stepped outside with Ade, who hugged and kissed her cheek, opened the door for her, she got in and drove off. The investigator noted all that happened and decided to get a camera the next day. Meanwhile, Esosa wasn't finding it comfortable staying around Aigbe, she hated the fact that she was refusing him sex, but she just couldn't tell him why just yet. She tried staying away for as long as possible, Aigbe in his usual self seemed cool and understanding about it. The next day, the investigator got pictures of Esosa and gave Aigbe the conclusion that Esosa had a lover she was seeing everyday after work. Aigbe couldn't believe his ears till he saw pictures of Esosa hugging another man whom the investigator had confirmed to be 'Ade' from one of the little children in the environment. He also saw picutures of Ade kissing her on the cheek., Aigbe was heartbroken, he couldn't understand why Esosa would cheat on him, he gave her everything she ever asked for. Now he could understand why she had been acting funny and refusing him sex. She was seeing another man. Why? Aigbe was shattered, he decided to keep mute and not confront her yet, he told the investigator to continue tailing her. It was one week six days already, Esosa was in for her herbs, she tried getting Ade's account number so she could pay him for his services, Ade refused, and told her they were friends, he wasn't charging nothing. Esosa refused to leave his place until she gets the account number. When Ade saw she wasn't going to leave without it, he decided to give it to her, on leaving Ade's place she went to the bank, the investigator followed her in, he acted as if he wanted to fill a teller and glanced across to her asking for her pen. ''Sorry, I'm using it as you can see'' she said. he quickly used the opportunity to glance at her teller and got the name she was paying to.. 'Ade' Lover girl was sending some money to Lover boy. Aigbe would be so mad to hear this, he thought to himself. Esosa left the bank joyfully... One more day and my dreams would be fulfilled. She got home earlĂ˝ that day and Aigbe was surprised he met her home. He wasn't in a good mood, all the happenings of the previous week was weighing down on him, so he switched off his cell phones and went to bed. Esosa was glad, as she wasn't ready to contend with him that evening. She sat in the living room thinking... ''One more day baby, one more day''. 

The next day Esosa woke up all smiles, she even gave Aigbe a good morning kiss. The whore, Aigbe thought in his mind, what has she got up her sleeves now? Aigbe wouldn't smile back at her or return her goodmorning kiss, but what the hell, she was happy still. After the close of work, she headed to Ade's place for a final visit. She had her drink and They talked at great length and as usual, the investigator was outside in his car, he noticed she was taking too long and decided to go close to the window at the side of the house, when he peeped through, he saw them both standing, and Ade put in Esosa hands a white wrapper, telling her to mix it in Ade's drink, the investigator was alarmed, he tried listening in again but they had walked to the passage, and he couldn't see or hear them from there. As they walked, Ade told Esosa the powder must be added to his drink that day, and he must drink it and make love to her that day unfailingly. 

The investigator, still stunned, moved close to the edge of the house, and hid so they wouldn't see him, he saw Ade open Esosa's car door, she slammed the door, gave him a smile and drove off, when Ade got back into the house the investigator quickly ran to his car, he had not been able to feed esosa's ears with what happened the day before, now he couldn't wait to tell him his wife and her lover are planning to poison him. He made a call to Aigbe quickly asking to meet him. While in the car, Esosa called her husband's secretary and asked when he was due to leave the office, the lady told him he had put off everything for the day and he just left a few minutes ago. Esosa sent her thanks and hurried home... 

 Another blow from Aigbe brought Esosa back to the moment, she took a fleeting look at him, then closed her eyes and let the numbing darkness take her as her husband choked the remaining life from her, his wedding ring pressing against her carotid artery... 

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