The Gold Fish

I have been swimming in this aquarium for the past 2 years, wondering if I would  ever escape it. Me, KC ? In an aquarium ?  You called me Kelechuckwu on the day of my birth. My dad abused you for years and finally decided to turn his back on me before leaving us stranded. I don't want to think of those years when you, my mother, turned into a prostitute just to sustain us and put me through school. I had to watch men fuck you over and over again. Those used condoms on the floor, with semen leaking on the carpet of our one bedroom flat. You thought I was sleeping all those nights? I'm an angry man, mom.  The thought of it disgusts me. I  dislike women for that, but yet I love them so much. Their breasts so tender...with the nipples that stare at me by the slightest caress...Looking into those helpless eyes that desire me...the melody of their moans fill my ears as I dick them down. Women...creatures meant to explore, toil with and exploit... I haven't got much time to write...2 hours and 42 minutes left.

My story is indeed a dreadful one. I was a reckless person. Surprised, at how successful I became from rough and humble beginnings. How I even moved down to the US, was a miracle. You tried for me, mommy.  The beginning was hard...I struggled, from working in McDonalds and getting fired over fries to becoming a surgeon...A miracle indeed. Everything was going well for me. I was successful in every area of my life. I owed that to you. But I had one problem: women. I dated many and fucked many. I told myself that I would marry the baddest bitch. Hell! I didn't even want to get married. But you kept pushing it. My "wife" just had to be a first class chick. I came across a few good girls. But I knew what I wanted. I couldn't respect women. These females...I sigh. Once they know your worth, they will have their legs wide open for you. I never begged a girl for anything. In fact, most girls I fucked begged me to fuck them. I loved drinking, getting drunk and enjoying my self with my homies. Bros always have your back...that was what I thought until I got married...Time flies,mom...1 hour and 58 minutes left. I should have written you this letter a year ago.

It was Ray's birthday. Wait, you remember Ray, right ? My friend I met in college. He's a surgeon too, mommy. I hope you're happy...I made friends with first class people. Ray, I and the rest of the crew decided to go to the club. It was one of 'em nights. Banging ladies everywhere. But Jenny stood out. Jenny was baddddd! Her curves...that ass...those boobs...She was wearing a very short black dress that revealed her round thighs. Double D's. Onion booty. I was mesmerized. I took her to my place. I poured her a glass of champagne. I wanted to start a conversation, but she went straight to the point. "Fuck me". Surprised, I leaned back on the couch and looked at her. Her eyes so seductive. She didn't even force it. It came naturally. I didn't answer her. She stood up and took off her clothes. I got a glimpse of her body. She was a dark skin goddess. Perfection isn't even enough to describe her. I fucked her better than those men fucked you,mom. I had her cuming over and over again. When it came down to the reverse cowgirl, she totally blew me away. I hate to admit, but that was the best sex I ever had. I wanted to marry her. I found my bitch, mom.

It's funny how you can get stuff done in Vegas. I got married. I didn't care about where she was from, who she was. I only knew she had that body and those skills. I booked a room for us both in a 5 star hotel to celebrate our union. "Eat my pussy!" I went in...that juice...I had her moaning. At some point, I found myself gasping for air. I couldn't breathe. I was dying, mommy. Jenny got up from the bed, brought a plastic bag filled with water and put me in it. I felt at peace. Mommy, she turned me into a gold fish. I know it sounds crazy, that's why you haven't heard from me all this while. She pronounced some gibberish, put me in her bag and took me back to my house in L.A. Jenny put me in an aquarium. She gives me only 3 hours a year to turn back to the full man that I am. I can't fight her, she has possessed me. She controls me. Every night, I have to watch her fuck different guys on my damn bed. Do you know what that reminds me of, mommy ? The shocker was when she fucked Ray too. That pierced my heart. It had me thinking about my life. I thought niggas had each other's back. I'm in pain, mom. My time is almost up...25 minutes left.

I just hate when Jenny stares at me while I swim miserably through my aquarium. She keeps laughing. I hate that smile.
I hate what you did, mommy.
I hate dad too.
I hate myself.

I know I have never said thank you...

I pray you get this e-mail on time.

Thank you mommy for making me who I am today
I'll always love you for that.

I'm sorry mommy...I never meant to make you cry

Your beloved son

Dr. Kelechukwu Nnadozie.

-The Alpha Female 


  1. Itz a vewi interestin story.nice 1.plz kip it up.

  2. Interesting piece, weldone!

  3. wow...!!! This s a story that just changed all bout me,m sealed up...iRep teamCelibacy ... *shivering* God help ... Nice one n m touched

  4. Lool! You have talent girl!

  5. Haha. Obviously a metaphorical goldfish as well as a literal one. Great writing. (Though most of the posts are 18+. Nice.


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