The List: 5 things I dislike in a man

Sometimes I lay in bed wondering what my future husband will be like. Yesterday I was that little girl playing with her barbies and action figures. Yes, I loved Action Man as a child and Flash still remains my favorite super hero. Today, i'm a grown lady working and studying her way up to independence. After dating twice and talking to countless men, I found out that I slowly built my own taste in what may concern the male gender. Indeed my failed relationships showed me type of guys I never want to end up marrying. I wouldn't even want my future daughter to date or get close to such guys. Neither will my son end up with that specific attitude. I don't believe in divorce. It does take 2 heads and 4 hands to raise a child the right way. But looking at our present generation, some guys aren't even ready to get anywhere close to the altar. In other terms, non serious guys. I flee their paths with haste. I mean, I'm trying my best to not soil my dignity. I have principles. After disregarding two of my principles, I ended up regretting it bitterly. In other words, lesson learnt:  stay true to you and don't change or bend your rules, certainly not for a guy. My last relationship...I laugh. I vow never to show my weak and vulnerable side. Sometimes you need to stand your ground.So after analyzing my encounters with a few guys and ex -boyfriends... Here are 5 things I hate/dislike in men:

1) Pride 

Yes, every man has his ego and I respect that. As woman, I am required to feed your ego. But don't over do it. Some men are so proud that they even spit at apologizing for their wrong. That isn't even sexy. I like it when a guy has that proud look on his face. Sitting back, stroking his chin...It's part of being a man. But bro, humility goes a long way in some situations. Some men will actually get angry at you for pointing out their wrong doings. "I hate being wrong". Everybody hates being wrong. But if you are going to be too cocky to not see your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions, then you aren't a man to me. You're just a stubborn little boy. And best believe age is just a number. "Don't brag because you have bread, someone's else has a bakery" 

2) Lack of ambition 

There is nothing more "unsexier" than a guy who doesn't have an ambition. All he thinks about is smoke weed, get drunk, go clubbing, sex and sleep. Are you kidding me ? "I want to be a millionaire". Let me point out to you that wanting to become a millionaire isn't an ambition. The question is:  how do you intend to become a millionaire ? And are you going to do it the right way ? Don't get caught up in the pleasures of your youth. I certainly will not be a member of that. Chase the paper and lose it to the wind.

3) Unintelligent talks

It's okay for you to crack jokes with your friends and say the most stupid things. But when it comes down to a serious situation, please get serious. Unintelligent talks are often sign of an unintelligent mind. As a couple ? We should be able to share ideas. Brainstorm. That is what makes our team the strongest. If you're ignorant, don't be quick to call others  ignorant or self-righteous. Anytime you see big booty, you run helter skelter. Some of you "niggas" demand respect when you don't even respect yourselves.

4) Mumu-ism

I personally don't like giving men orders. I want my man in charge. But just because I let you take that place in my life, doesn't mean you should take advantage of it.

5) Le history of Le side chickita

If you have a bad record with women, it won't work out.What makes you think I don't know you are about to make me your next victim? Truth be told, bad guys will always be bad guys. Even if they get married...

More shall be added unto this list as days, months and years go by...

-The Alpha Female


  1. You know guys will always fall short of ladies expectations and "Lists". You'll have to make room for error correcting - Making you imperfect man, Perfect for you.

    I hope you find him when the time is right.
    Nice post


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