It was one of those long days at work. I was tired of hearing my boss giving me orders. I hated him so much.  His arrogance annoyed my spirit. "I don't care what you do, or how you do it, but you get it done. Is that understood ?" . Those words would ring in my ears, as I would go over all his documents in confusion. Arrogant thick skull like his...Who does he think he is ? I kept staring at the clock, hoping     it would  be 6 pm. I was already thinking about the hot water that would fill my jacuzzi back home. Yes, the good thing about working with my boss is that I get paid well. My dog Betsy would  be waiting impatiently for me.   The lights down low, candle lights...The sweet aroma of the indian rocks, I bought on my last vacation, would fill the entire house... It would be just me in my own world... Jessica's world... No rants from an ungrateful roommate...No boyfriend to school me about life. Nelson had it coming. Our relationship was over the moment it started.  He kept nagging me about how I didn't care, never said "I love you" and blah blah...Honestly though, did he expect me to care ? Men are dogs and should be treated like dogs. That has always been my motto. I can't give a man my attention...They all want sex. That's a fact. Nelson was a good guy, good in bed too...Those nights we would...I sigh. I miss the feel of his dark skin body on mine. There was something peculiar about his touch. Could it be because he was muscular ? I closed my eyes and remembered those fireworks that would blow my mind as I had an orgasm...The way his body and mine would become one as he went in deeper...and deeper...and deeper...Nelson knew my weak spots. A mere kiss on my neck could drive me crazy...I doubted if I should call him. After all, it had been 3 months since we broke up and last saw each other. I concluded that no other man would ever be able to handle me like the way Nelson did. Maybe I shouldn't have done what I did. I shouldn't have pushed him away. I missed him...I missed his "ways" with me...with my body...

 6 pm. It was finally over! I dropped the files on my boss' desk. I couldn't help but notice the look on his face. There was something sexy about his pride...As he laid back on his chair, he seemed like a man who knew what he wanted. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes. I was lost in my imagination...My blouse unbuttoned, my double D's out of my bra, legs wide open...That dick inside of me...and it goes on...his hands on my back, not just any spot...the perfect spot....and on...and on...I had to snap out of it. "Have a nice weekend, sir" I managed to utter. He nodded his head and went ahead to dig his nose in his files. What an arrogant fool. I got into my car, and drove off. Home...my jacuzzi, my Betsy...

I finally got home. Betsy jumped on me and licked my face. I hate it when she does that. But oh well, dogs will be dogs. I couldn't wait any longer. I locked the door behind me and took off my clothes. Walking through the lonely hall of my house, I felt the breeze caressing my body. My jacuzzi was waiting for me. I got in slowly and closed my eyes. I thought about how my day went...then my mind flew back to the incident that happened in my boss' office...Those eyes of his...Slowly, my hands moved over my breasts. I was lost in my mind. Wanting more of that touch, I went down...my fingers reached and  gently rubbed my clitoris...Lost in a world of ecstasy, you couldn't find me...you couldn't find Jessica. I pictured him with me...him, the boss I hated so much. He was loving me, better than Nelson ever could. I heard nothing but my voice, moaning in desire for more of him. More of my boss. He wasn't my boss anymore, he was my lover. And I kept going...I didn't want that feeling to stop... 

 Suddenly I felt a hand touch my body, gently caressing my skin...I opened my eyes.

"Baby...come out of the bathtub, you are really stressed out." 

Nelson was back. It then hit me that I had fallen asleep while taking my bath. Trying to regain my right state of mind, I simply replied

 "I'll be out in a minute..."

I sighed as I tried to make myself realize it was all a dream.

"I'm sorry about how I treated you at the office today. It's just that I have a deadline to meet up, I promise it won't..."

"It's fine..I don't want to talk about it. I love you" 

Nelson came closer to me and took off my towel gently. He kissed my neck. I closed my eyes as I was devoured by desire. I was caught by surprise when Nelson said: 

"You seem to have enjoyed every bit of my jacuzzi last night.."

-The Alpha Female


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