Rest in peace

Spoken words.

It's one of those cold, thought provoking nights..
Put two and two together, you get twenty - two, not four
Do you see where I'm going ?

We was love...Where the love at now ? What is love now ?
I could swear you was my man though, I could vouch for a nigga
Now I look back at those cold nights, I would wait for your reply...
Now I know, you was with another...

We was love...Where the love at now ? What is love now ?
Pissed me girls told me to fall back, to no pull the trigger
I could have put you on blast, but I didn't
Looking back, I realize that my eyes were blind because of yo' lies
"That's what you get for being in love", you said
You was never sorry for what you did though

We was love...Baby, where the love at now ? What is love now ?
Man, I wish I shot you  the moment I caught you
But I didn't, 'cause  that's what love does...That's what ghetto love does...
True love is what I had for you

We was like fire and water...
our arguments were beyond what my mind could grasp
Beyond what my mind could understand
You was abusive though, beat me up with your words
I would start crying...then you would yell at me
Tell me to shut the F up

Then I cried in silence
You came closer and held me tight
Tell me you was sorry...
I would kiss you, forgive you...

I could do anything for you
Anytime it hit me that you wasn't shit
You would find a way to say "I LOVE YOU"
3 only said 4 times

I wasn't ignorant, I wasn't self-righteous
I was me. I was a good girl though
I never asked you for anything
I asked you to care

And now we part ways, I'm still alive
Still carrying this seed of hurt, I say

Rest in peace to that R.I.P note I left on my plate
Rest in peace to that day I told you I loved you, told you  that you were my man
Rest in peace to those moment I would cry because of you
Rest in peace to those long ass arguments where you made no bit of sense
Rest in peace to my child like heart, I could love for no reason, no condition
Rest in peace to your pride, I aint gotta put up with that shit no' more
Rest in peace to your dignity, because you proved to not be what you said you was

We was love though...we was fake love
We had that kinda friendship where
you could just plant a knife in a brother's back
and walk away like nothing ever happened

Rest in peace to those days when you were my lover.
Rest in peace to my memories of you.
Rest in peace to that young innocent girl you knew
Rest in peace to  the old me.

-The Alpha Female

Spoken words.


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