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I woke up that morning, tired from last night. I couldn't remember much about what had happened the night before. Wine, a fire place ,slow music....Flashes...That's all I could remember. It didn't matter anyway ! The most important thing is that I got home safe. It was a Saturday...I wasn't planning on doing anything that day and just relax...I had to recover from the previous night. I stared at my clock and later on got up to take a shower. I came out feeling refreshed. Still in my towel, I sat on my bed and looked through the window. It's amazing how nature works. The birds singing their morning song, sunrise...everything looked beautiful. The awesome thing about my flat is that I have a great view of the city and the skyscrapers...I got up from my bed. That was when I saw a blue envelop on my bedside table. "For Miss Dallas".  I opened the letter and saw 3 sentences that reminded me of what had happened the night before. "I hope you enjoyed last night. I took your Rolex as souvenir. I enjoyed every bit of you... Taiye". Taiye... I never understood  why he called me "Miss Dallas". I laid on my bed, still in my towel, and shut my eyes. I wanted to remember every detail of the past night...I remembered having a stressful day at work. My co-worker Lane was a being an arrogant bitch. A few of my clients kept nagging about how they wanted their goods ready. So many phone calls...At some point I got tired of it all. I pulled out my phone cable, shut down my computer and locked the door of my office. I sat in my chair and unbuttoned my blouse just a bit. I closed my eyes..breathe in...breathe out...A few minutes later, my Ubsersocial made that typical noise. Ah twitter ! I just get on there and flirt my boredom away. It's never that serious to me. After all, we are  all shadows on there. I hesitated a bit...I took my phone and checked who messaged me. It read: "Miss Dallas, you've not been on here in a minute...Just checking on ya. kisses". It was Taiye. I remembered following him due to an argument we had on which team was best : Manchester United or Real Madrid. I'm a Real Madrid fan. The thing about @Mr_TeeB was that he never put up his picture as his avatar.  I replied him and we chatted further. I told him how my day was going. All of a sudden he then said he wanted to see me...His exact words were " Let me lick the stress off you. Give me your address"..I hesitated yet again...But I was tired and I needed distraction, so I DM'ed him my house address. I then got off work later that evening and drove back home. Immediately I got home, I took off my heels and my clothes.  I took a shower after which I wore my night robe. Sitting on my couch and listening to slow music, I heard a knock on my door. I asked who it was, then I heard a male baritone voice say: "Taiye".

I opened the door and saw this tall, dark skin man standing at my door. I was amazed by his looks. He was very good looking, muscular but not built. He was all kinds of sexy. He smiled at me...His smile was so gorgeous. Straight white teeth...I wondered if this guy fell from heaven. "Won't you let me in ?" He laughed. I told him to come in. As soon as I locked the door behind him, he grabbed me from behind and kissed my neck. I hate it when men do that because it arouses me. I then turned around and looked into his brown eyes. He pulled me closer to him and planted another kiss on my lips. No words were exchanged...just kisses...Taiye carried me into the living room and laid me on the couch. He took off my robe slowly and kissed me from my belly button to my boobs...He slowly took off my tong and went down on me...Licking my clitoris...eating me up..not stopping...I lay my head back and closed my eyes. I was devoured by pleasure. Taiye just knew how to handle me...His firm hands squeezing my soft breasts....I wasn't thinking straight. It was so unlike me to have sex with a complete stranger. It didn't matter at that point, I was tired...and he licked the stress of me.

I got up from bed, trying to remember how the night ended. I got dressed, and sat down...Taiye was the only thing on my mind. I took my Blackberry, wanting to check up on him. I was surprised when I couldn't find his profile. Our DM conversations were all erased. It had to be a joke. "Just one of 'em one night stands, Linda" I told myself...There was nothing more to it. Oh well, I had fun.  I then went to the kitchen and opened my fridge to get some juice when I saw another blue envelop. I opened it wondering what was written in the letter. I found a note that read:

"lol you passed out  last night. I wasn't expecting that. Come to your office early Monday morning. Don't keep me waiting. Twitter kiss, T." 

- The Alpha Female.


  1. Babe,u never cease to amaze me...anoda intiguing and spectacular piece with a piqued twist at the end,a sequence av noted in ur short stories...keep it comin dear,i enjoyed every bit!

  2. Lool perhaps iam Taiye **rolling** :D nice one hun... (y)

  3. Nice piece dear.You can also view my blog. blogger kisses ROTFL.

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