Christmas special: The Lady In the Trench coat

I came back home last night...tired from my day at work.I had been lifting bricks all day. With my back hurting terribly, I managed to prepare some indomie for myself. Indomie...The only thing that brings me a step closer to home. After cooking, I took my plate of food and settled in the living room. I switched on the TV...Couldn't find anything interesting to watch. I was mad for a minute because I missed a crucial football match. I  decided to get on my laptop and just tweet till I could fall asleep.  I took my plate back to the kitchen just to come back and find out that an unknown had flashed me. I wondered who would be stupid enough to flash me with an unknown number. I didn't bother myself about it. I simply went on my twitter page and tweeted. About 30 minutes later, the unknown number flashed me again. I got confused. I asked myself who might be trying to call me. Ada and I broke up about 3 months ago. Maybe she was trying to apologize for her wrong doing ? I thought it through and dismissed the idea of her being the one trying to call me. I suddenly remembered last year's unforgettable incident.

It was a night just like this. 21st of December 2011, a date I will never forget. Benny , my younger brother, had left the house for the night. I took my time to set up the Christmas tree since no one was going to do it. My mom had called me earlier that day to tell me she would be visiting us the next day. I was done cleaning the house when I heard a knock on the door. I asked who it was. To my surprise, I heard a fresh female voice say "It's me." I opened the door and saw this 5'9 tall, chocolate skin woman with straight hair and big sharp eyes. She was a wearing a black trench coat that barely reached her knees and  black high heels. She was too beautiful to my own amazement. Before I could utter a word, I looked at her from her toes up to her head. I had to question her motives in regards to her dressing. That day was cold, I remember it was snowing that night. "Won't you let me in ? Or will you let me freeze to death ?" she asked. I let her in. I'm still surprised I did because I didn't even know who she was. She came in and moved towards the living room slowly. "You must know Benny...well he isn't around and i'm not sure he'll be coming back home tonight." She didn't reply me, she just looked around the living room.  I followed the movement of her eyes. They were beautiful. There was something particular about her eyes. I didn't know what it was but I was just amazed by her looks. I kept calm and pretended to not be bothered. She then looked at me and smiled gently. "I didn't come here for Benny, I came here for you"  That statement scared me. I didn't even know who she was. What arm could she possibly do to me ? She is just a woman and besides she didn't seem like someone I couldn't knock out with one slap. I guess that's what lifting bricks made of me. I laugh. "You came here for me ?" No reply. She took off her trench coat. I was shocked when I saw that she had no clothes on...just waist beads. Her body was so natural. Her breasts were big and round...while her nipples were staring at me. Her hips  and thighs graced a flat belly. She was that African beauty you see just once in a blue moon..."Won't you offer me a seat ?" I kept quiet. I was too confused as to what was going on. She came closer to me and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. I took a step back and asked if she wasn't mistaking me for  someone else. She smiled, turned around and walked into my bedroom. I can't remember why but I followed her and found her looking through my window.  I grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck. Holding her boobs...gently caressing them....I moved my finger down to clitoris. She turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. She gave me that look...I carried her and lay her on my bed. Kisses planted from her neck down to her navel. I couldn't help but notice the fresh smell of flowers all over her body.I hit downtown. I spread her legs open....Eating that pussy like my life depended on it...She held my head...If for anything, there is nothing like a clean and beautiful woman. Her moan was like melody in my ears...motivating  me to go for further. Amazed at the female orgasm, she stopped me from going further. "Let me please you" she whispered. I stared and let her take control. She gave me head...playing with my balls...looking at me straight in the eyes. Who she was didn't even matter at that point. She's was good...too good to be true...I would look her in the eyes and she would close hers so innocently...I kept looking at her, such beauty. Suddenly I heard "Yo, Mike! I'm home! Temi is here too". I came back to my senses and realized my brother was home. To make it worse, he came with his girlfriend.

She laughed. "I wasn't expecting them to be here so soon" she said. I put on my clothes and managed to get to the living room. I took her coat and gave it to her. She thanked me. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name. I'm Mike"

"I'm Ada. It's a pleasure meeting you". I smiled.

"When next do I see you ?"

With a devilish, yet so innocent smile she said: "I'll flash you three times with an unknown number. Then you'll see me" 

She left my room without giving me a chance to say a word. I overheard her and Temi  talking and laughing. I later on found out that they were best friends.

The unknown number flashed me again. I decided to not pay attention to my phone. It had to be someone else trying to reach me. After 45 minutes the unknown number called, I picked and heard my mom's voice. "Chibuzor! I have been trying to call you why don't you pick up your phone ? ehn ?!". I apologized to her and told her I had a long day at work. We talked for a few minutes.

Immediately I hung up, I heard a knock on the door. I asked who it was and heard a female voice say "It's me". I opened the door and saw Ada in a trench coat.

"Ada ?! What the...Okafor's law is real !"

She smiled.

"Won't you let me in ? Or will you let me freeze here to death ?"

- The Alpha Female

Merry Christmas in advance. 


  1. Intricate twist...concise yet thrillin...i cannot but wait till i hold a novel by you in my hands...


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