Ambition: breaking that circle of failure

In life everyone fails in one way or the other.  Unfortunately failure comes in different forms and shapes such as academics, relationships and finances.  I personally believe failure is meant to motivate one into making the best out of the situation.  But often times we humans let ourselves wallow in self-pity and sadness because we fail.  Should “giving up” be the solution to our war against failure?  No.  Why? For the mere reason that    “giving up” is a loser’s trait. Oscar Wilde once said: “ambition is the last refuge of the failure”. What did he mean when he uttered these words?  I’ll elaborate more on this quote in the following paragraphs.

Ambition is an earnest desire for a particular achievement or distinction.  How does it compensate the act of failing? When one fails, continuing on the road of work and labor becomes an impossible task. “I tried” is what one usually says. The hard truth about the matter is: trying is never enough. 
“I tried to raise money for child support, but I couldn’t.”
“I tried studying, for my math test, but I failed.”
“I tried finding a job, but no one wants to hire me.”
Have you ever noticed that the conjugated form of “to try” is always followed by “but” ? But what? Failure.  When trying disappoints you, it’s time to let ambition quick in. Ambition turns your frown upside down and gets you going despite the odds.  The greatest people in the world today got to their spot because they were ambitious. These people didn’t give up. Not only were they ambitious, they were also motivated. Combine motivation and ambition? Failure fails to its own detriment.

Oscar Wilde stated that ambition is the last refuge of the failure.  A refuge is your last and only hope of survival during times of war and difficulty. In other words, ambition is your only option after failing. And the Lord knows how many people have given up or ended their lives because they felt there was no way out of their misery.  Failing is never the mistake, giving up is. The reason why a lot of people give up is because giving up is the easy way while ambition, combined with hard work and motivation, isn’t.  We can’t keep doing this to ourselves. Circumstances are meant to make us stronger. Failures are meant to fuel the engine of our passions and dreams.  The bad things people say to or about you?  Make them your source of motivation. Only then will you be able to break that circle of failure.  Nobody wants to be called weak, so don’t give up because giving up makes you weak.

Oscar Wilde must have noticed that people tend to give up after they failed. He then concluded that ambition, the desire to achieve your goals, is the only thing that can keep you going during hard times. It doesn’t matter what you failed at. Get yourself together, create your ambitions and keep it going. So what you got fired? So what people say horrible things about you? So what your past isn’t something to be proud of?  It’s time to break that circle of failure and move on to success and happiness.  Be ambitious. Just because others fail doesn’t mean you have to fail too. When you make ambition your best friend…Those who pointed fingers at you because you failed? Well…They’ll love you for your ambition and hate you for your success.

- The Alpha Female 


  1. Oh wow, these words, quite touching, such a beautiful write-up, this is way too much.. God bless You

  2. RL (Bajan_Dread)March 1, 2013 at 5:59 PM

    Your words can be inspiration to the masses. A lot of people do say "try" then follow it up with a "but". Its crazy how true that staement happens to be these days. I've always been one to keep pushing in the face of adversity. I got a taste of achievement as a child after being told I couldnt do something because I was this or that and I love it now. I like when I am persistent because it pays off in all aspects of life.


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