Crown of destiny

"Put your right hand on your head. Pray like a mad prophet. Repeat after me: Every power of darkness overshadowing my glory and my destiny, lose your hold in the name of Jesus." I would watch as all the members of the church jumped, screamed and cried for deliverance. The question asked by my third person was: who was going to deliver them ? Jesus ? God ? Little did these ignorant church rats know what they were getting themselves into. Praying as if the world would end tomorrow. I laughed them to scorn. Pastor Micheal...just one of those desperate pastors who fetches his power from  Idoha, the goddess of prosperity. Or rather shall I call her, sorry "him", the demon of failure, fear and temporal happiness ? Nevertheless it is unfortunate that most of these christians of nowadays are lukewarm and seek nothing but miracles, whereas they should seek their "God". Oh yes, surprisingly enough, I know who this God personality is. Alongside 2 companions, all together the Holy Trinity. Yes...yes...I know His words from Genesis to Revelation. To my own detriment His words are freedom, peace and truth. But all these christians fear their pastors more than they fear God. "Good morning sir", "We must obey what the pastor says", "Whatever the pastor says is final". Whatever happened to your "God" 's word is final ? Is it because they can't see Him with their natural eyes that they fail to realize that their so called Jesus is weeping bitterly for their sake? How great is the desolation of men. Pastor Micheal...what an idiot without a purpose. His speaking in tongues are mere incantations used to weaken his members. His reward is coming. After all,  my master doesn't give precious things out for free. Call him the ultimate business man. Nonetheless, such isn't my concern. I'm only here for their crowns... the crowns of their destiny.

I'm not an ogbanje, not a demon, not a witch...well I'm just a thief. Any shape, any form that gets me closer to these pathetic beings, I take. A full grown woman who turns into a child at the sight of her mother...Indeed this is the most demanding part of my job. My last encounter made me criticize my line of work. Well...It isn't a line of work I chose for myself. I could have been a normal human being if only my so called mother had not taken me to a native doctor when I was ill as a child. I will not begin to wonder why she did what she did, seeing the fact that my late father was a strong man of God. It was at his death that the master appeared to me and gave my assignment. I couldn't back out. 13 years of age and naive. The master made my assignment seem like a lot of  pleasure that I couldn't refuse his offer. It is true what they say: give the devil a finger and he will take your hand. My last encounter with Lanre pierced a needle through my heart of stone.

Lanre was a fine young man. A chorister in my late father's church. He and I used to play together often as little kids. He came to our family home for a visit with his mom, sister Tolu. A prayer warrior. I never understood why she didn't sense my evil aura. I was surprised when Lanre started preaching to us. His words were labelled with purity. It was then I saw the golden crown on his head. I knew he was meant to become a great person. I tried to ignore the crown, but it shined so bright that my third person had to urge me take it from him. For the sake of our childhood, I wrestled with it but it obliged me to get the crown. He couldn't be great. The master wouldn't have it.  I kept fighting the urge that could be likened to the desire for sexual activities. I excused myself and went to the kitchen, that was when the dark eyes of my master stood before me. I felt punches and kicks being thrown at me from nowhere. "Get that crown or else you'll die".The pain became too much for me to bear that I went on my knees and begged to be forgiven. By the time I came back to the living room, Lanre and his mother had gone. "Lola, are you alright?" my mother asked. I nodded my head, ran to my room and locked myself up.

The following week, I saw Lanre at  the supermarket. We greeted each other, and chatted for a bit. I left him  after I gave him my number. The urge to get my job  done got more intense by the minute. I could only get his star by him letting me into his life. It could have been as a friend or as a lover. I needed to be close to him. I got back home, undressed and got into the shower. I needed a minute to relax from all the stress related to my work. I took a few steps back into my past and remembered all the people that I had rendered useless. Funke, the aspiring top model. Laurence, the CEO in waiting. Kate, the actress whose dreams would never come true. And many more names I refuse to remember. They could have become what they dreamed of being only if they didn't confide in me. Their God didn't lie when He said the power of life and death is in the tongue.  Still reminiscing about my past, I suddenly saw myself in a pool of blood. I wasn't scared because I knew what  it meant. I had to act fast.

I got out of the shower, cleaned myself up. I admired myself in the mirror. I had become this beautiful light skin woman. I felt sorry for myself. What's the use of being beautiful when you aren't allowed to get married and have children ?  I would never know what love is because all men look at me with lustful eyes.  I was thinking when I heard my phone ring. Lanre called to ask how I was doing and if I got home safe. I affirmed his question. For a minute there was this awkward silence between us. " Will I see you in church on Sunday? There's a special program taking place then." His deep, manly  but yet so smooth voice obliged me. Best believe I attended the church service the following Sunday. From there I and Lanre started talking. I got to know him better. He was a charming man. His sincerity moved me to believe I had meant one of a kind. And least I forget say, Lanre was a handsome man. His brown eyes and beautiful smile gave me feeling I had never known before. This feeling was very strange to my system. Months went by, I and Lanre became best of friends I would say. He called me one day and asked me to meet him at Elegushi the following afternoon. He said he had something to tell me. I briefly said "ok".  The next day I went to Elegushi to see him. He stood near his car and seemed rather nervous. I approached him and called him by his name. He smiled and we hugged. We got into his car. I noticed he was quiet than usual which reminded me of the first time he called me.

"Lola...I don't know where to start from. Do you remember what we promised each other shortly before your father was admitted into the hospital for intensive care ?"

"I can't remember...that's almost 15 years ago"

"I made fun of your hair and you got angry at me. I apologized but you wouldn't forgive me. So...don't laugh...I said I would marry you when I grew up. You turned and looked at me with those big beautiful eyes and made me promise I would" He laughed.

"Wow! I...what?!" I burst out in laughter.

"I know can be know...Lola?"

"Yes ?" I looked at him.

"I love you. I really do...from the bottom of my heart. Whenever we are together..."

I couldn't understand the words that followed. All I could see and hear was the sincerity in those 3 words. 3 words no man has ever told me with so much meaning. I felt warm all of a sudden. He stopped talking. I kept staring at him. It was then we kissed. For the very first time I felt what love was.  I uttered "I love you too" gently. He drove me to his house where at first I noticed  him avoiding my touch.  I then remembered he was a christian. I didn't want to push it because I felt for him. But then the urge became intense. I couldn't control it.  I asked for the direction to his bathroom. Getting there, I freshened up and undressed. I took his towel and wrapped it around my body. I held my hair up elegantly and went out to meet him in the living room. Upon looking at me the look on his face changed. I asked why the water was supposedly cold. He didn't reply, he just kept staring. I took off my towel and sat next to him. The look in his eyes reflected lust. I wondered where the love he claimed to have for me had gone to. He seemed as if he came back to senses when he said "let's not do this. Please put your clothes back on". I smiled at him and went into the bathroom. I came back to the living room and apologized. But he had already fallen. I sat next to him and kissed him. We spent the next hour in intimacy.

I excused myself and told him I had errands to attend to. He offered to take me back home but I refused his offer. I could see that Lanre was remorseful for the act but then again it was too late. He was back to being in love with me. As I took a few steps to the door, I saw the light of his crown go off. My job was done.

I found my way back home in regret. The only man to ever make me feel like a normal human being had lost his glorious destiny to a second of lust. I burnt with anger at the thought of it. What am I ? I'm not a woman nor a child. It would have been better if I was created as a dog...a reckless animal. I would understand myself a lot better, but I just can't.

I'm just a thief...I come to kill. I come to steal. I come to destroy.

- The Alpha Female

Be careful who you let into your life. Not everyone comes to you with a message of peace. If you can't protect anything else, protect your dreams. - the alpha female 


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