The 5 actual reasons why men cheat

Why do men cheat ? This is a question every women has asked herself maybe just once in her life. Like they say....Men ? Can't live with them, can't live without them. "Men are dogs and should be treated as such" is what my aunt would say if this topic came up at any given chance. And yes, I have sobbed at my own share of experience. But the ultimate question in this case remains why do men cheat ? And why do we women take responsibility for their acts ? A friend once narrated to me how she had done so much for her man, but then he cheated on her. Now he could have cheated on her with any other woman out there, but he opted for her younger sister. The irony of this story is that both sisters didn't know they were sleeping with the same guy. To make things even more interesting, I was told that she later on forgave him and these two lovebirds are (yes, you guessed right) back together. What happened to her sister ? Well that's a story for another day. At the end of the day, both sisters seem to be in a cold war with each other. Sounds like a movie, doesn't it ? Take an educated guess. It is ! Well that doesn't change the fact that men still cheat when offered the opportunity. On the 4th of January 2012, I decided to create a file where all my observations about the opposite sex's behaviour would be recorded. And best believe until this day, my file is far from being full. Over the past 10 months, I have been a drama queen. I laugh. And this was for a reason best known to my file.

Back to matter !

I decided to share a few of my observations tonight being for the fact that it's a very cold night. So yeah...Why do you men cheat ?

1) The Opportunity

As  odd as it may sound, men can cheat anywhere and at anytime. Especially in this era where Online ( popularly known as Twitter)  pussy is the order of the day. You can imagine how the concept of a man cheating on his girlfriend/wife with a woman ( he probably will never meet in person) is beyond human understanding. Unfortunately for the faithful woman at home, women out there lay thirst traps for the man she claims to be her's. The bitter truth is until this man puts a ring on your finger, he will never be yours. The most annoying part of it all is when females say:

"My man ain't never cheating on me though"

"My pussy hold him down."

"Nigga ain't never going nowhere" 

At this stage, you can have a seat at the far end of the class. You are and forever will remain a learner.  The same pussy you use to trade, is the same one his female best friend is using to sell her market, sweetheart. That's just the truth. If a well figured woman were to throw herself at him (regardless of what her face looks like), he will hit it. And best believe me, he will hit it better than he hits yours.

The bottom line is that the opportunity for him to cheat comes more than once in a day. And this opportunity comes in the form of women. To make matters worse, today's generation of women is beyond deadly. You might have your "friend" giving you advice on how to handle your fights with your man, but low key, she's the one sleeping with him behind your back. Your friend could be talking to you on Whatsapp/BBM but "low key" she just hit your boyfriend up on that " Hey boo *kiss* Are your condoms ready ?" p. And you're just there smiling at everybody foolishly like nothing ever happened. Pain of life ! Beware of your fellow women.

The worst is when your man's friends greet you with that " Our Iyawo" line ( transl: our wife) but they low key know your man is cheating on you. I don't want to get into this topic today because, as you know me, I will basically break  75 % of the rules of the famous "Bro Code" with my temper. Sigh !

Whether you like it or not, it's all about the survival of the fittest. Or better still...the survival of the most valuable "assets". Thereby referring to a woman's physical attributes.

Tip: Whatever you give your man should be more valuable than sex and your time. He can get these two things from any other woman out there. This is where you need to stand out.

2) They aren't getting what they need/want in their relationship 

Sometimes all a man needs is attention and care. But with our great number of working class ladies, they feel neglected. Sometimes it's not even about working, it's what we spend  our time the most on. On the phone with your girls for hours ? Texting ? Tweeting 24/7 ? Facebook as soon as you get off work ? He will cheat. The mistake most females make, is believing that sex will always appease his anger. Not true. Once again you can have a seat at the far end of the class. And you should probably face the wall this time. "If she doesn't give it to me, I'll get it somewhere else"  is what he tells himself at least 3 times a week. This is the main problem when it comes to good guys who are being taken for granted. But then again if sex (and nudes)  is the only thing he demands from you, then you're probably just one of his numerous side chicks. Best believe there is a main chick enjoying all the rights that he is depriving you of. 

" I just can't  love any more after what my ex girlfriend(s) did to me"

Chale ! This is the biggest lie he will ever tell you. A man who wants to love a woman will love her regardless of his past. This excuse is just one line he has used so many times. Foolishly, you'll be there trying to make him see you're different. Whereas he got 2 other chicks declaring their undying love to him. Wicked world, I tell you. If you want to remain his side chick, ride on. But if not, shine your eyes.

Most men don't cheat because the devil manipulated them. It's either you are doing something wrong, or he isn't just right. Then again, I don't believe all men cheat randomly.

Tip: Spend more time with him. Hold meaningful conversations with him. But don't get too clingy !

3)  the thrill

When you go the market, you'll find a multitude of people there. Why because they want fresh meat, fresh vegetables, etc...Keyword: fresh. Also known as new pussy. Yes, the mentality today is: the fresher the pussy, the better the pussy. I don't want to start comparing this mentality to that of a dog, but I believe that as a reader you can put 1 and 1 together and still get my point.

Cheating can  be compared to a Django Unchained adventure. Just that in this case, the "D" isn't silent but has a mind of his own.

Few men cheat and actually feel guilty about it. Most men, don't. Why ? Because cheating is about taking risks. And risk is equal to an adrenaline flow.

In other words, to some men cheating is comparable to a sport. The more pussy they hit and can keep, the more trophies they get in their cupboard. It's that simple.

Cheating is exciting.

4) The double standard paradox 

I'll keep my explanation on this paradox as short as possible.

 As of the days of old, men were able to marry and keep as many women as they wanted. But if a woman was said to have had many men "around" her, she would be titled a harlot.  In today's society this same rules still applies as sad as it may sound.

If a man where to cheat on his girl, he most likely wouldn't have too many people judging him. After all,  his dick is for the nation. The only people to judge him would be the community of feminists. And best believe whatever they have to say, won't affect him for the mere reason that he is man.

On the other hand, if a woman were to cheat on her man...She would be considered a hoe, a harlot. In other words, she would be cheap. And the funny thing is that even her fellow women will judge her.

No matter how emancipated a woman is, this double standard will forever remain.

Shout all you want...Ain't nobody changing nothin'

5) It's just who they are 

My fingers hurt  now. Yeah...Men cheat. What else can I say ?

The craziest excuse a man gave me for cheating was: "I don't know what happened." 

Man....Ain't nobody got time for that.

Love Always,

- The Alpha Female.


  1. what about women though? Aren't they the one's smashing all these 'cheaters'? I bet some of them have boyfriends too. It is a merry go round out here. Women are not innocent. Twitter @idtopman


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