The secret Deity: an unusual encounter (episode 1)

Ileyi Ibinu...The land of vexation. A name given to a land by Oromiyan...A culture so rich, but yet so poor. A land whose traditions are valued but disrespected. Women prostituting themselves in order to bring money to husbands who are too lazy to get up from their sofas. But they gain strength to beat up their wives and later on, kiss her fallen breasts for causes best known to them. Young men with no other occupation than armed robbery. A culture that cries blood and speaks violence. Little girls engaging in hideous acts with men old enough to be their fathers just for the sake of buying rice and meat for lunch. Unfaithful women...I could continue. Indeed I have nothing good to say about this tribe or its people. Tribalism might be a word used to define me but the truth remains an element of importance.

Amsterdam, 19th of July 1986

It was a sunny day, I had just finished running my daily affairs. Work was hectic that day and the only thing I was looking forward to was getting home. I was beyond tired. Never did I think that being a business man would demand so much work. I had always dreamt of being a business man. It's funny how the son of a farmer, like me, from a remote village in Nigeria could make it to another continent and be counting money like there was no tomorrow.

Saying farewell to my white colleague, Greta, I got into my car. My tank was almost on E. Carelessly, I told myself it would be enough to drive to the next filling station. I got into car and drove off. My mind then flew back to home.  I remembered my step-mothers. My father's first wife and her cold behavior was something I would never forget in my entire life. Indeed my father married 4 wives. My mom was his second. I remembered when I told my dad I wanted to go to university while he was resting after a long day of doing his regular work. He told me he would try his best to put me through school because out of all his 20 children, I was the only one who had a bright future. I never understood what he meant by those words, so I was never really bothered about it.  A few "market days", as we Africans would like to call it, I talked to him about going to university again. He looked at me and hissed. His exact words were: "There's no money for you, go and work. Bring me money to eat like your mates are doing". I looked up to the sky and told him there wasn't any problem. But in my heart, my emotions were mixed. I was angry, bitter, sad and disappointed. A while later, I found out that his first wife was the one who discouraged him from sending me to school. She never wanted me to prosper. After all her two sons were abroad and sending her a one dollar bill every 6 month to eat. I'm guessing she felt no one else was better than her children. I moved to Lagos a few years later where I joined the Nigerian police force as a 19 year old.

I quickly came back to my senses when my car broke down and I noticed I had long passed the filling station. I got angry. Confused,I sat in my car for a while. A journey  of an hour quickly turned into a journey of 4 hours. It was then I noticed a bus coming from afar. I took my most valuable possessions out of my car and stopped the bus. It was past 10 pm, naturally the bus would be empty. But there was this beautiful young woman sitting at the back. She seemed lost and alone. I planned on ignoring her but then I saw tears rolling down her eyes. I approached her in Dutch, but then she seemed to not understand. With a soft but broken voice, she said: "I don't understand you, please do you speak English ?" This how I met Helen who later on turned out to be my worst nightmare. I didn't even get the chance to say a word. Upon affirming her question, she begged me to house her. She had nowhere to go seeing that her brother drove her out of his house. It was unlike me to house strangers. I accepted to keep her in my house for a while. But then I couldn't take  my eyes of her. She was the kind of beauty you don't see everyday. Her freckles made her look even prettier than average.

When we got to my place, she didn't stop thanking me. She offered to sleep on the ground and promised to not disturb me. I looked at her and laughed. I told her she could sleep in my room and I would sleep on the couch. I wanted her to go to bed. It was already late.  Although I didn't know what it was, something about her wasn't right. She thanked me one more time and went to my bedroom. I fell asleep after tuning in to the news station. That's when I had a dream where a black panther was chasing me. I didn't seem scared. I woke up  out of my sleep sweaty and prayed. Immediately I said "Amen" Helen was standing at the foot of the couch. It seemed like she was absent. She then asked me if I knew any fair elderly woman. The only person I could think of was my father's first wife.

"I saw her strangling you. She warned me to leave you alone or else she would kill me"

Before I could say anything to her or ask any question, she went back into the room and closed the door.

I felt cold all of a sudden. It was as if cold water was poured on me, but then mosquitoes where flying around the room.

I fell back into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke up with terrible pains. Helen was in the kitchen making tea. I wondered how she knew how to use my kitchen appliances. She was wearing my T-shit. I could see her nipples piercing through the shirt. Her legs were soft and beautiful. She let her hair  down. When she saw me she smiled. I couldn't understand how a human being could be this beautiful.

 "Good morning, Frank. I hope you slept well last night"

I replied her question with a smile. We then sat in the living room where she told me about what had happened to her. Helen...A woman who later on turned into possessed being. A deity perhaps.
 Many years of agony followed and
the events thereof I will disclose in my next letter.

Until then...So long.

 Frank Adeniyi

- The Alpha Female


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