Females: Fake friends and watermelons

Usually when people talk about friendship, the only thing that seems to cross my mind is: "what a superficial word".  To start with, friendship does exist but true friendship is scarce. Surprised ? Not really. Want to dispute this statement ? Go ahead. But with today's society going down the road it is, I don't speak for myself alone when I say, friendship is superficial. Maybe some other day I'll talk about male friendships, but as of what may concern today ? Females. I'm a woman myself. I have my own share of experiences, with a capital  S to the word. Sometimes I wonder if we are human beings ourselves. Do we feel what the sister next door feels ? Nope. With raging mad women throwing grenades of insults at each other on the streets of social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, one would believe men are angels (which of course is far from true). Women are terrible in the sense that:

they are best friends until "Bitch, I slept with your man"
they are twinnies until "Don't let me leak the amount of abortions you had on twitter"
they are sisters until "This hoe ain't never pay the house rent"
they are wifeys until "Why the F*** were you discussing me with my boyfriend ?" 
they are Yin and Yang until "Where did she get the money to buy these clothes?"
they are friends until "So she got a promotion and didn't tell me about it ?! "

After which they become their worst enemies. An never ending episode of Tom and Jerry. Saying bad things about each other at any given opportunity. And even in most cases, blowing things out of proportion. But yet we seek friendship ? In the  worst case imaginable, we take people we don't even know as friends. In doing this, we sometimes forget that we don't know these people. Looking at it from outside the box, it seems absurd, doesn't it ? That's all I'm saying. I don't think I exaggerate when I say that when the world comes to an end and raptures has taken place, more women would be found in the pit of hell than men. Simply because most of us aren't true to each other. 

There's always something Nadia is doing wrong to you. ALWAYS. She's looking too good. She's talking to your future husband. Heck ! She stole him from you. She's getting all the compliments. What am I doing wrong ? Why is she better than me ? Why didn't she pay her part of the rent ? Why is he talking to her ? Notice how all these insignificant questions start with "why" ? The answer all these questions is: jealousy. Explaining the origin of this jealousy is like trying to get a camel to pass through the mouth of a needle. So I won't start with it. 

1. Bitch I slept with your man 

A few women have heard that statement, quite alright. It's already bad when a woman outside your circle tells you this. But when it's one of your friends, someone you've shared your secrets and fears with, that does this to you, it pains more than a knife through your heart. Now...A lot of women would say: "I could never do this to my home girl. We've been through so much together."True...true...True...You can sit down now. Women are like men. When given the opportunity to betray someone who cares about them, alias cheat, they'll take it. It takes a woman with high standards, decency and morals to say NO. And thereby I mean a firm type of  NO. Not that "no" that is followed by "but..." or "I wish..." or "innocent" flirting. Don't be fooling yourself here. 

The worst women are those "friends" who give you advice on how to handle a fight with your man on that "confront him about it" p, but on a low key, they have slept with him and are probably still doing it. They are the type to laugh at you after you've cried to them about your travails. They are type that could poison your food, or even worse your mind, without your knowledge. 

AND even more worst than the above listed women, are those "friends" who know something bad is happening to you  but won't tell you about it. See it this way, ladies. These type of women are the type that would be aware of a set of killers after of your life, and let you venture into the road where you will meet death. They know your relationship isn't right. But they won't tell you so you can avoid heartbreak. And you're just there smiling like the fool that you are to them.  Isn't it ironic how we women wish each other evil so bad ? Shine your eyes while the day is still bright. We so quickly fall for those "boo" "hey hun" "sweetie" type of messages. 

Don't "hey boo" me, sis.

Then again some good women out there, tell us the truth but we don't believe them. So we end up pushing them away to our own loss. In that case, it's best to investigate before jumping into conclusions. And I mean investigate alone

Les femmes sont fatales, mes amies ! 

2. Don't let me leak the amount of abortions you had on Twitter

Secrets are those things that can make or break a relationship and even so, a friendship. This is why you gotta be careful who you tell your secrets to. Especially women. Even me ! If there's anything I have been able to do that is is keep my true secrets, future plans and ambitions to myself all my life. I advise you do same. Your secret is where your life lies. Once you've opened that part of your life to someone, that person can break you at any given time. Why do you think treats to expose your secrets are frequent during fights and arguments ? Before you trust somebody, especially a woman, test them. Testing ain't gon' hurt nobody. Don't holla or start the conversation for a while, people who truly care will make an effort to get to know you and be there for you no matter how busy they are. Even if it's once in a while. Make them earn your trust and that spot in your life. 

Random: I used to censor some facts while talking to my "friends" back then just because I wanted to know the kind of person they were. An educated guess won't hurt anybody. I'm proud to say today that they have been removed and cast out of my domain. Halleluyah, somebody! 

Back to the matter ! 

3. This hoe ain't never pay the house rent 

This statement just refers to women who are friends with you for a reason. It's either because you're a cheerful giver, smart, popular or some other reason best known to them. When you begin to doubt why you became friends with them that's when you need to re-evaluate your friendship. They smile with you, get things from you  but yet they go behind your back to spoil your name. What a world ! 

4. So she got a promotion and didn't tell me about it  ?! 

These women...well, they want to know your business so they can sell your products to the next available customer, the world. You have to be careful about what you tell them. They want to know everything about you, but you know nothing about them. In the worst case, you won't even know their last name.  They can twist and turn your words, even you would be confused as to whether you said that or not. These type of women are deadly in the sense that they will never apologize for being wrong. Anytime you speak against they wrong doing, they'll label you a bad person. Talking about: 
"You will have problems when you get married" 

Demanding an apology from them is of no use, ladies. They are so caught up on a single detail that they will feel superior to you. And most times their reason for superiority is ridiculous beyond human understanding.  They can sugar coat their true characters so well, you will begin to see yourself as a sinner. Best believe when you piss them off, their true colours will show. Because indirectly they will tell you what they have against you. I suggest, you start pissing some people off. 

I'm just kidding.
No, seriously you should. 

The earlier you know your enemies, the better for you. It's best for you to have the smallest circle in the world, than having so many friends (even online) whose agenda you don't know. 

Notwithstanding, just like everyone one of us is different the same way one woman's fake friend could be another woman's best friend. 

Love always,

- The Alpha Female 


  1. Very true! One's got Τ̅Ơ̴̴̴̴͡ be very careful....dats why I don't have a lot of friends. Nice piece sis!

  2. Cool advice to all d ladies out there........keep on. Spreding the truth !

  3. Know your friends but, keep your 'enemies' closer....


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