Mind battles: chocolates, ice cubes and my kind of man

I'm lying here  right next to him. He's sleeping while I'm awake. It's past 12 midnight and while he dreams, I think. I'm here asking myself what I'm doing with him. Is it the sex  or the gifts ? Or is it the hurtful things he says to me when he's mad, his tender apology kiss that keep me attracted to him ? It's funny  how sleeping can make you seem so lifeless. But I'm here wondering if I made the right decision in being with him. I know he likes me but does he love me ? Oh Mike, a violent but tender soul. Could this dick be that good ? Or is it me desperately looking for comfort in the arms of a man ? I close my eyes and sigh at the thought of losing Mike. I don't want to lose him but I need to lose him. He's draining me...I'm dehydrated. I don't know what love is anymore. My first...my last ? My body...my breasts, my neck...the tender kisses. His strong arms,  his chocolate skin muscular body...the melting ice cubes...the warmth that overshadows my body when he caresses me...it's crazy...Sharon,they call you crazy... My my eyes are open again, Mike turns around so that I can see his toned back. He should have taken off his chain before coming to me...Before sleeping with me for the 13th time. I know I make him mad. It shows in his face when we argue...When I refuse him his demands. He makes me cry more than my exes put together ever did. And when those salty tears roll down my eyes he would come up close to me and tell me I should stop crying. He would tell me to stop with a gentle voice..but what he never did was say "I'm sorry, Sharon". He would just kiss me and I'd respond back hastily because I needed that comfort. He would    gently take my clothes off, move his hands over my body and stop at my breasts where he holds them in his hands like he owns them, kiss them...stimulate them until my nipples would give him a standing ovation. Mike would move his right hand over the rest of my body until he got to my clitoris. He would stop there. I know he does that to make me want him even more. I won't lie...it does work. "Do you want me to go on ?" I would bite my lips and look at him, hoping I wouldn't have to say yes. He would have that seductive smile on his face. He would move...his index finger over my clitoris in circular movements. The patience...he does it slow...very slow...because he knows it kills me. As I lean my head back, I'm consumed in my moans. He makes me feel like I'm all alone. It's just me...no one else...Mike isn't here...John isn't here...it's just me, myself and I...I know I'm wet...but I'm not even paying attention to Mike...and that's when I feel his dick inside of me. He just comes into me like he owns me...I hate that he does. His able body resting on mine...I can feel his breath on my neck...in and out...slide in and out...slowly...he knows...Mike knows that ...slow wins the race. He would turn me over and bring my ass up..."don't move until I tell you to"...give that pussy a quick stroke...another one...another one...and there we go again...in and out...Mike goes on until he wishes...he controls my lusts, my thoughts...he knows me too well...it's crazy...Sharon,they call u crazy...

It's 6 am,  the alarm rings. I open my eyes and find myself next to John...The man I really do love...not for anything else but the fact that he doesn't control me...he leaves me be...he's my kind of man 

The only thing we're missing are the chocolates and the ice cubes...

- The Alpha Female


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