Must I be Light Skin ? Why Can't I Just Be Brown Skin and Beautiful ?

Aneshia Kashae
First, Look at this lady. Now, before I say a word, I would like you to read what this screen munch says. It's was on a Nigerian website which I will not name. But if in any case you want to search for this  blog post on Google, feel free. 
The article that started this rant lol 

I stumbled on this article ( name of the website withheld) a few weeks ago. And for some reason I can't explain, I decided to  screen munch it. To start with, I don't really care if these words where meant to be funny or a joke. Why I don't care ? Well for the mere reason that many guys, african/black men that is, actually have this mentality which is beyond ignorant. When did being light skin become the society norm every black woman should follow ? Why can't I just be chocolate , brown or dark ( Baba Suwe type thing ) skin and still be beautiful ? Sweet heart, why is being light skin so important to you ? No disrespect towards the light/caramel skin ladies out there, you are all beautiful. Well...most of y'all.  

Fat, chubby, thick, skinny, slim...I remember when being skinny was the trend of the early 2000. Moms and friends would be discussing how they could lose weight and be that runway model every man dreamt of. Going on crazy diets and what not. Let me tell you guys a little story. As a kid, I was very chubby. My cheeks would basically cover my eyes and for a 12 year old I was already wearing a cup C. I was the tallest in class, but yet my being chubby just had to lead me into the hands of merciless bullies. Both kids and adults. Kids would be talking about "huge apples" whenever I'm around. And I'll just go to my little corner and start thinking and, even more so, crying. Taking an educated guess, I hated my body back then only for me to later find out that having large breasts runs in my mother's side of the family. And then there was uncle Kenneth (real name withheld). The uncle of destiny ! Uncle Kenneth was like "Sharon, you are too FAT". Chale (ghanian word for "dude"), the way this man would accentuate the word "fat" was incredible. He would pronounce the T in "fat" with so much confidence that I was appalled. Uncle K would advice me to drink green tea, warm water and every other possible concoction to lose weight. The best was when my dad said: " I will send you back to Africa so the sun will burn all the fat in your body. You will be lean when you get back". A snake's hiss cannot be compared to mine right now ( I still love my daddy tho). Years went by and I grew into this curvy woman. I never actually realised I was beautiful until I started getting attention by the age of 16.  This was towards 2009 - 2010. Anyways the moral of this story is that he who is fat can become slim. Likewise he who is skinny can become fat. And oh...Uncle Kenneth finally got what he deserved. He eventually got married to this slim woman
who, after 2-3 years of marriage, added a whole lot of weight. I can call this "sweet revenge". I laugh. Talking about " I don't like fat people". Come and tell me you don't like your wife and see what happens. I still love you two though. Yeah...the kids that bullied me and now trying to holla in my DM and Facebook word for y'all...SWERVE !

Enough stories...Back to what I was saying

I believe this whole light skin versus chocolate skin situation started out when American rappers started featuring these ladies in their music videos. How else do you explain that there is so much commotion among women when an artist releases a music video with the lead model being light skin ? "She badddd"  they say. I'm not saying there is anything wrong featuring light skin models. Far be it from me to say such. I'm just against the fact that it has become so rampant in the entertainment industry that our young boys, 15 years upwards, are like "yo! I'm gonna get me a light skin chick. She gotta be bad bro". This leaves me with the "what the hell are you talking about ?" face. So if your girlfriend/wife is light skin but she drains every cent you have in your pocket, you will follow her about like a dog ? You are just a fish. In fact, forget it. I'm not even joking anymore. Brethren, let me tell you a true life story. So there was this guy I liked back in the days. I never actually told him I liked him, but somehow he got to find out because one of my so called protégés couldn't keep their mouth shut. Anyways, I got curved. And I didn't get curved nicely. I was too dark, so he said. ( wait, I'm not even that dark, my mom is light skin and my dad caramel skin. So what was this nigga talking about ?)  I'm too fat, he said. Ok. By and by Jesus mended my broken heart, and I moved on to someone else. Ok. A few years later ( by then i was changing into fine girl you know today) the report reaching me was that that same guy was dating this light skin girl. Out of mere curiosity, I did my "research". To be honest with you, I just wanted to see what this girl looked like. Was she finer than me ? ( this is a type of jealousy only women would understand). It was easy finding her because my guy was just flaunting it up and down, left, right, front and centre on Facebook. To cut a long story short, they broke up. Why ? Well apparently she was too clingy, too demanding and so on. And so my guy started liking my pics on Instagram. Wait... Give me a minute so I can give myself a little tap on the shoulder. *mean mug* Moral of the story ? Don't judge a book by its colour.

Ps: when I say my guy, I mean it in a sarcastic way. 

Whatever actually happened to the beautiful brown skin ladies out there ? I can think of so many of them.

Aneshia Kashae for one. She's the model who was featured in Naeto C's 5 and 6 video. In my honest opinion, she's an amazing model who's bringing #teambrownskin back in the game. And yes, she's my favourite and role model when it comes to modelling lol
The beautiful Aneshia Kashae (model)

Kelly Rowland ? I don't need to tell you how gorgeous she is. 

Kelly Rowland (music artist) 

Ajuma Nanseyana. This Kenyan beauty was crowned Miss Nairobi in 2003. 

Ajuma Nanseyana (model)

Naomi Campbell, Kenya Moore, GABRIELLE UNION, and the list goes on and on...

Why do you think women bleach ? How do you explain such madness ? They bleach because they want to fit in to what society declares a trend. It sad that some of us brown/ dark skin women do not accept our skin colour for what it is. We tend to forget that this skin we brag so much about will grow old and beauty fades with age. Being brown/dark skin reflects who you truly are: an african queen. And whether you cry like a fowl,  that is just who you are...who we are. You can't disappoint your ancestors, who laboured through the tough years of colonisation, just because you want to be light skin, if not white, by force. I believe society only respects those who are bold enough to go against its demands. 

A woman's skin colour doesn't make up for who she is. In this world you find combinations of everything: light skin, pretty and ill mannered. Light skin, less pretty, well mannered. Dark skin, beautiful, ill mannered. Dark skin, less pretty, ill mannered. Dark skin, pretty and well mannered. Focus on one  criteria and you might meet your downfall. The same thing goes for men. How you make your bed is how you lie on it. What makes me mad is the hype around women who aren't that pretty, have a dubious character but are light skin. That combination is  a no. And trust me I...Let me stop here. 

And to the person who wrote that post. How conniving do you get ? Trying to stir up anger when there is no need for it ? I sigh in agony. You will be alright. 

Like one of my family members would say, men are only attracted to torch lights.

Nevertheless, light skin, brown skin or dark skin...we all remain black women.    

Spot the difference. 

Love always,

- The Alpha Female. 

Kendrick Lamar - Poetic Justice

(psssshttttt....the lead model is brown skin and beautiful ! )


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