The Alpha Female's diary: why are we on earth ?

I've noticed that not many people look up when heading to a particular destination. Some look around, others look forward while the rest looks down. But no one actually looks up. And "up" in the sense of looking up to the sky. Is the sky so boring, that no one bothers to look at it and thank God for the gift of life ? The aim of my observation is knowing what we are here for.  Knowing what we are doing on earth. Is life made for a divine purpose or is it just for the sake of being there ? I mean...death is inevitable.

Sometimes I ask myself if I'm the only one who thinks about things of this sort. Why was our solar system chosen out of all other solar systems in the universe, to contain life ? As a matter of fact...what is life ? Why our galaxy, not any other ? What am I even saying...maybe there could be life in another galaxy as well. But to the advantage and disadvantage of the human knowledge, we will never know this for a certainty. Why ? Well simply because we human beings have limits. It's an advantage because great knowledge leads to power. And power, knowing human beings, will always be abused. It's a disadvantage because are left ignorant and curious about this issue. There are things science will never be able to explain. I utter this statement in full confidence because I am a scientist myself. No one has been able to give me a reasonable explanation for the origin of aids. Doctors might explain to me what aids is, but can they tell where it came from ? Can they, in one full paragraph, tell me  the root/origin of aids ? No. There are things that go beyond human understanding. And life so happens to be one of them. Are we human beings on earth just for the sake of being here. And why YOLO ? Why are we born to die with our bodies being eaten by the same beings we eat to survive ? Mind blowing circle, isn't it ?

Back to what I was saying. 

How is it that one explosion lead to the creation of the universe ? How did that same explosion create so many planets ?    Can you tell me why when I leave earth, the rest of space is dark and stars are little dots giving me light? In fact...what is light ? Why didn't that same explosion make space white and the stars dark ? You see...I just love thinking. All these questions do have answers. But the unfortunate thing is: one question has different answers. Science tells you multiple stories, while the bible tells you one.  So if one of these question has multiple answers...which of these answers is the right one ? To make matters worse, what is right ? What is the truth ? Why are we so certain of ourselves when we create theories ? Come. This same person that came up with the Big Bang theory, how did he even know about it ? Did he witness it happening again ? No. Following his theory, there might have been more explosions which would mean that there are more "universes"out there. So why are we students forced to "know" all these theories when, at the end of the day, all we are left with are assumptions ? 

Why is it that when I travel far in to space, I can't see the end of the universe ?"Assuming" that God lives outside the universe, then space must be that same Tower of Babel the Bible mentioned. But then again, why can't I reach God ? And don't tell me He doesn't exist. How can one explosion lead to the immense complexity of the human being ? Exactly. I personally believe, something or someone must be the mastermind behind the creation of something this deep. Need I tell you about how the eye works ? Not at all. 

"You like thinking too much" is what my best friend would say. 

That is just how I am. I love to...let me say, analyse things in order to understand the depth of it. But being human, my questions will probably never be answered. So i'm just here left thinking...and maybe when my time comes, I'll be answered. 

But on still on the matter, 

Why am I here ? Or better still...why are we here ?

Love always,

The Alpha Female


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