Question of the day: What would you do if this happened on your wedding day ?

You've had a rough past. As a grown man/woman, you've used and been used. You've finally found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. This person is your dream come true. He/She makes you happy, supports you, loves you...accepts you...The wedding bells are ringing, you're happy, everyone is happy. Your family members and friends have come to support you. "Today is the day".

With a heart filled with joy, you take your bold and majestic steps to the altar. All you can see is that person you're about to give your mind,soul and body till the cousin of sleep separates you two. Everyone sits and the pastor is leading the ceremony. Suddenly, your bride/groom interrupts the pastor and tells you he/she has something to tell you. What you hear is this:

"I'm sorry to hurt you, but I have no choice. I'm a demon. Now, don't get too hasty in running out of this church. The doors are locked and shall not be opened until I'm through with you." 

Everyone panics. Your beautiful bride/groom changes into a beast with 6 heads and 3 horns and gives you the following options:

" Either you marry me and I destroy your destiny or you walk away but...I kill everything and everyone you love... even your family. The ball is in your court" 

Will you marry him/her and be the slave of doom  for the rest of your life ? Or will you sacrifice the people you love to be free ?

Be wise ! 

Find out what option Laura Descatto chooses as she is faced with this dilemma on her wedding day in this tragic story titled " My Doomed Wedding"  , right here on  on the 27th of June 2013 at 9 pm GMT. Stay tuned ! 

- The Alpha Female


  1. I roll a sixteen which allows me to summon the mystical sword Excalibur. With Excalibur I slay the Demon Bride giving me 20,000 XP and 50,000 gold, and as a thank you for saving their lives I take the bridesmaids back to my honeymoon suite to mend my broken heart.

  2. I'll wake meself from the freaking dream mehn....if not...sacrificing oneself is d noble tin to do *sighs* goodbye earth :(

  3. God forbid I be in such situation. Let's assume it happens in a parallel world, I'd marry it, save my Fam and friends and kill myself later.


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