Cursed by spirits

It is true that every land was built on the spilling of blood. The blood of  many who cried foul as they were slaughtered for their possessions. From the moment man went against the direct orders given by God, everything normal was defined by what happened in the spiritual. Not all men will understand the concept of spirituality as spirituality doesn't equal religion. I go by the name Komi, Doctor Nathan Komi to be precised. Deeply rooted  in sciences, I was no fan of religion and spirituality wasn't any of my concern back in the day. My knowledge of what was true and false quickly changed when I met Yolanda. No patient - doctor relationships are allowed in the hospital. I've never fallen for any of my patients nor have I  broken any of the hospital's policy. All the same, I remain human. I didn't fall for her because of how she"endowed" was. Not the ass...not the double D's...not her beautiful eyes...not her full lips. It was what she had upstairs. Those brains opened my eyes to see something beyond what my natural being could understand.

It was one of those days where,  as a medical doctor, I got tired of hearing all these patients complain about the same thing over and over again. The nurses wear running from one place to the other.  I felt I was the only one working. I kept counting the remaining hours I had left on my shift. I stood still for a while,  just watching everyone move from point A to point B.  Lost in the emptiness of my thought, nurse Judith tapped me on the shoulder and told me my attention was needed urgently.  I followed her to the ward where I first saw Yolanda struggling to stay alive. She was about to go into a state of coma. With marks all over her body, I wondered who would want to hurt such a beautiful young woman. We were able to stabilize her, although the marks on her body pointed at the handwork of a butcher.  I can't find better words to describe what I saw. I wasn't disgusted...I was shocked. Just shocked.  We had to take care of her wounds and for hours  I, my colleagues and the nurses treated her wounds which seemed to refuse every bit of treatment. To ease her pain we decided to put her on narcotics. My colleagues decided to take a break. The nurses left. I could see they were tired. I decided to stay back and observe her. She was the type of beauty, you don't meet everyday. Just lying pain. I was puzzled. The only thing in my mind at that point in time was: How ? Just how exactly did she get herself into this ? Why are her wounds refusing to respond to treatment ? I was about to come up with a logical explanation to these questions when she opened her eyes and turned her head with a 90 degrees angle. She smiled and said: "Do you want to help me?". I was shocked. I answered her with a yes. "Pray to God for my healing." At this point, I thought she was delusional or either hallucinating due to the narcotics.  I mean, I didn't know who God was although my late mother was a strong christian. "Quick! Make them stop!" She shouted. I suddenly remembered my mom and how she used to pray. I said simple words " Lord, please heal her. In Jesus name. Amen." immediately I said the word  Amen, I saw her wounds healing. Call me crazy, it seemed like someone  was treating her wounds with so much care and precision. I closed my eyes and told myself I was dreaming. "Nathan, good job ! How did you do it ?!"

Do what exactly ? 

About a week later, I randomly decided to check up on Yolanda. I opened the door of her room, and saw her looking vibrant like nothing had ever happened to her. 

"Hello Nathan...Sorry, Doctor" 

 She had a beautiful smile. A smile that gave me the impression of a cold  breeze  on a hot summer day. It was refreshing.

"You know my name ? How ?"

"Yeah...the spirits told me you were coming. Are you a believer?"

"Spirits ? Believer ? Yolanda, are you taking any form of anti-depressant ?" 

She laughed. 

"I can't take anti-depressants. Those things are for human beings. Not beings like me" 

"Human beings, you say...I am human and so are you." I said jokingly. 

"That's where you are wrong. I'm not human, you are. I see things you do not see" 

"Things I don't see ? What exactly are you seeing now?" 

"I see one of the spirits strangling your inner man. And you're just there yearning for help. There's an angel standing very close to you. But he can't help you, because you don't want him to. I see a man in bondage." 

"Who are you ?" 

"You mean...What am I ? Well...I'm a lost soul. Trying to find my way back to my body"

"Soul ? Spirits ? No, let me call a good friend of mine. He's a psychiatrist, I'm sure you'll love to meet him"

"You angry at God, aren't you ? Because he didn't heal your mother when she was dying. But little do you know, she payed the price for her actions." 

"Who told you about my mother ? What are you talking about?!" 

"You know your mother to be a great woman of God. But God knows her to be an evil doer. She prayed for people not to be healed, but for their souls to be imprisoned. I am one of those people she used for her rituals. Trading our souls for power...power to rule, control and destroy men. Including you. Have you ever asked her what happened to your father ? Your mother hated him with so much passion because he was against her evil speaking. She felt he was trying to control her. He just wanted to help her because she seemed to be getting him into so much trouble. Your mother had a covenant with the altar of Holn. That altar gave her power to perform miracles..."

"You are joking. In fact you are delusional. What kind of nonsense talk is this ? What altar ? Holn ? Where is it located ? My mother fasted and called on her God day and night. She was a Christian ! " 

"The altar of Holn is in your house. You live with evil people! "

"What are you even blabbing about ?! I live alone !" 

She disappeared. Scared, I ran out of the room. I asked the nurses if they had seen Yolanda. They all looked at me as if I didn't know what I was saying. They claimed no one named Yolanda had ever been admitted into the hospital. At that point I was disturbed. I went back home forsaking my duties. 

Getting home, I screamed. My mother had left the whole house to me. It was too big. Where was I even supposed to start from ? I ran to her room and scattered all her belongings. She had been gone for 6 months but her clothes seemed like someone had been wearing them all this while. I was confused.

Kitchen, nothing. Guest rooms, nothing. Garage, nothing.  Bathrooms, nothing. 

She then appeared to me again. This time not alone, but with an elderly man. Something about him gave me peace. He was an elderly man but then he seemed so young. He stood behind her. 

"The altar is in your basement. You cannot go there alone. The spirits have cursed you for your mother's wickedness. If they see you they will push your soul out of your body and inhabit you. But you must destroy that altar."

"Aren't you contradicting yourself ? How am I supposed to go to this altar and destroy it ? What even happened to you?! And...and...and...who's this man ?!" 

"Those wounds you saw on my body were caused by the spirits. They are angry because I have a new chance to live, while they haven't." 

"You're confusing me. Aren't you a spirit too?!"

"No. A being can only be human if it has a body, a soul, a spirit and a mind. The soul is the symbol of life. The spirit is the link between the spirit world and the natural world. The mind is the voice of the spirit. The body is the platform inhabited by the mind, the soul and the spirit.  Hence you have people who walk around without souls because they sold it to the devil for selfish purposes.  When you sleep, your spirit lives you and goes to the spirit world. Why do you think some dreams come true ? The science,you so much praise,  is limited to the body and can never go beyond what seems natural"

"Wait...if you're a soul, then where is your body ?"

"I don't know. I'm still looking for it."

"So your spirit is in your body ?"


"Then what are you doing here ?"

"I came here to help you as the God said I should" 

"How then do I go down there alone ?"

I will go before you, if only you believe in me. 

The man spoke those words that sounded like thunder. I fell. I had to get out of the house but everything was locked. Kitchen and doors, everything locked. I started hearing cries out of nowhere. The cries kept on getting louder and louder and louder...I felt my head was about to explode. Broad day light became darkness in my eyes. I couldn't bear it anymore. I passed out due to anxiety.

That was then ground began to shake.

Will he destroy the altar ? Who is Nathan ? Watch out for part 2. Coming soon !  

- The Alpha Female. 


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