Open Letter to Pastor W.F Kumuyi (G.S of Deeper Christian Life Ministry)

Dear Sir,

I greet you with the peace of our  Lord Jesus Christ who in the form of man  came to earth to set us free. May the grace of our Lord Jesus be upon you. Amen.

Sir, I am writing you this letter as an ex Deeper Life member following my exit from your congregation in December 2010. I do not write this letter to insult you, but to let you know what has been disturbing my mind and that of the DCLM youths worldwide. I am writing you to address the recent media outbreak concerning your son 's (John Kumuyi) wedding to our sister in the Lord. May our God almighty bless their union. As a christian, I wish them joy and harmony in their marriage. May our Lord Jesus be praised.

I do not write you this letter as an ordinary member of your church, but as an ex chorister in the Deeper Christian Ministry based in Benelux. I, Sharon, was personally moved by your various preachings which were played during  Bible studies on  Tuesdays. And even when you were present during worker's conferences held in The Netherlands, I would take days off my studies just to hear you preach. I wanted hear you preach because unlike most pastors, you preach the undiluted word of God without any form of compromise. My dear pastor, I admonish you to continue in this path and hereby remain a torchbearer in this dark world of sin as we all await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Despite this,  I would want to address the issue of your son's suspension alongside his newly wedded wife, sister Love. I will take any form of judgement from your leaders and your church members. But this will not hinder me from speaking what I believe is true. It may have come to your hearing that Deeper Life members are considered to have an "holier than thou" attitude which has driven me and many others away from God. I earlier mentioned that I exited your church in December 2010. This after I got  suspended twice. I was suspended the first time because my hair was relaxed. Not that I didn't know " the rules", as the youths back then would call it. But I acted upon order given to me by my father. As the case may be, the bible says we should obey our parents so our days may be long. I joined your choir in 2006 because I wanted to be closer to God but I was quickly disappointed in your leaders. I have kept quiet for the past 3 years and I believe that is this the best way and time to get my message across to you. We should obey and respect our leaders, agreed. But I will not fold my hands while the gospel of Christ is being defiled and soiled by human actions. Need I ask: are  these laws given to us members by our Deeper Life leaders our passport to heaven  ? On many  occasions, I have witnessed actions which aren't worthy to be called Christ-like in your church. For instance, your leaders may be deeply rooted in the word of God but their  words are sharper than a two-edged sword which is used in piercing people's hearts. An apology seems impossible for them to give. Then again, there are leaders in your church whose children are the true definition of a condemned sinner as their lives do not portray what their parents preach in any way whatsoever.

 Let me use this short intermezzo to tell you how my second suspension in 2010 affected my relationship with God. My parents were called by your leaders to say that I wasn't born again. And the funniest part of this was that I was humiliated by your leader's judgement, words and actions for something I never did nor said. Even after laying proof for my innocence on the table, your leaders maintained being right to the detriment of my own spiritual life. It was so hard for me to hear an apology for the disgrace given to me by your church leaders. Pride I believe is the beginning of downfall when it comes down to Christianity.  I'm not the kind of person to joke with the word of God. I do not tolerate any form of soil on His Holy Word. But one thing I do know is that Jesus told us not to judge others, but to rebuke their actions and correct them with love. Never, in my  15 years of reading the Bible, have I come across a church punishing a member to the extent of suspending him or her in this manner and the church was mocked for it.

Why exactly is brother John and his wife being suspended ? Because she wore a fitted gown which falls under your doctrine of moderation ? I didn't not see a nipple of her breast showing. Is a  transparent sleeve supposed to seduce men into lustful thoughts ? Her hair wasn't natural ? Was she supposed to shave her head when the bible says that a woman's hair is her glory  ?  She had a bouquet of flowers in her hands, agreed. Since when is bringing flowers to church a sin ? Isn't the pulpit where you preach decorated with flowers as well?  I believe we need to check ourselves before we pass such harsh judgement. I'm not saying that you are responsible for your member's actions but I put it to you, sir, that is your duty to put your members on check.

Can you remember the story of David ? When God wanted to make him the next king of Israel, prophet Samuel looked at the outward appearance of his brothers and judged them fit for the throne. But God quickly reminded Samuel that He searches the hearts of men and not their appearance. No, I do not believe that me wearing the longest skirt on earth will take me to heaven when I know my heart isn't clean and my thoughts towards others are that of evil. I plead with you to create awareness among your members concerning issues of the heart. Because of your dressing doctrine, many are confused as to what is right and what isn't. I know God to not be a god of confusion. My dear pastor, I plead with you to put an end to this attitude that has pushed many far away from God. Over the years, your church in this western part of the world has grown cold. Cold because your members are not acting the way Jesus did while he yet lived on earth. And there's nothing more sad to my heart than seeing potential soldiers of the kingdom of God abandoning their weapons in the middle of the battle. This because we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, rulers of darkness in high places. Your members and leaders are your responsibility.

I do not want to draw the line further than it has been drawn. But I want put it to you that discipline must not equal punishment. This newly wedded couple deserves to be happy and not spend their honeymoon in sadness because of the punishment rendered to them by the church. Despite their apology they still got suspended. With this recent media outburst, the church has been painted in dark colours which I believe ought not to be so. Whatever happened to God being the rewarder of all men ? For to each action there is a consequence which, I believe, must be designed by God and God alone.

Please bear with as I am just a young woman trying to bring a point across.

May God Bless you and your ministry.

Yours sincerely,

Sharon Ehis 
 (The Alpha Female) 


  1. It is good to read from you but do you know that the Bible that commands you to honour your parents says in the Lord. The meaning of that is that you must obey them as long as it is not against the word of God. The reason for saying that is because the excuse you gave to relaxing your hair was that your father commanded you to do that. Were you initially convinced that relaxing your wasn't right so when your dad say do it, you damn the consequence and did it.

    As for your discipline I don't think it is enough or good reason to stop servicing God because persecutors can also be found in the church, when leaders offend us, it is a must that we try as much as we can to forgive them, not only leaders even fellow men. When is the love for God if we have to leave the church because of discipline. I have been discipline in church not once and not twice. The last time I went on discipline gave me time to re-access my life if actually I am servicing with the right mind. You need to know that we are not expected to speak against our leaders either political or spiritual. Search the Bible and see what the Lord says concerning speaking against our leader.

    The Bible commands us to cover our nakedness, why will you because of just one day throw away that teaching? You want people to see you as somebody that has arrived. Do you remember Paul saying that meat is good but if that will lead others to sin I will refrain from eating meat. The implication is that what our actions or in-actions will lead to should be considered before we do it as a our life preaches more of the gospel more than the words of mouth.

    You talk about happiness as if it gotten as a result of working in the church that can't be real happiness. Happiness is about having the right relationship with God. The couple have accepted that they ere by going contrary to lay down rules. It isn't a doctrine because dress is all about moderation like you rightly pointed out either during wedding, burial or any other celebration for that matter.

    Apology for wrong doesn't imply that punishment won't be observed.

  2. Double check your facts and beliefs based on scriptures. We have a sure word of prophecy the bible is of no private interpretation but Holy men of God spoke as they where moved by the Holy Ghost.

  3. Hmm pastor Jacob, what nakedness are you talking about, she was completely fully covered there was absolutely nothing wrong with her dress, unlike other wordy wedding dresses. And what is wrong with wanting to show that you have arrived on ur own wedding day.. A beg people like you make church and believe extra complicated like a bondage.. i dont think Jesus was looking down at that wedding and was saying ' hmm her dress is not ' deeperlife Ish' its a sin.. No! Deeperlife is not the only church that saves!!! God have mercy on the holier that thou attitude of some Africans smh

  4. Pastor Jacob, when a man falls from grace, he begins to preach the law. The sister's writing blessed my heart. I too left Deeper life because of members' hypocrisy. As a matter of fact, the Lord gave me this Scriptural verse regarding Deeper life; which made me leave the Church and went to another Church - Galatians 2:19-21.Deeper life is simply Penticostal Catholicism. The pharisees of our modern day. They pay attention to the outside rather than the inside - cup clean at the outside but dirty inside. May God have mercy on His Church and deliver us from all kinds of evil including the devil's deception in Jesus name. May Jesus alone be exalted and may His throne be forever and ever and may all knees bow to Him alone. Amen.

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