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Dear AFM,

First of all I'll just give myself the liberty to sigh deeply. Where do I start  from actually ? I should be uploading posts everyday as promised. Looking at the way life is set up, things do not usually go as planned. But not to worry, I have scheduled posts to drop very frequently in the coming few days. Anyways...this is my section of the blog. My diary to be precised. A diary that will be filled with life experiences and advice in the coming years of my life (well...that's if I do not decide to quit blogging soon). Summer 2013 has been very interesting so far. I'm back to working actually. People who know me very well, will tell you that I don't like going out. Not because I don't want to, but it all just seems like the same old routine: wake up, go to work (school), come home, blog, write, pray and sleep. And it goes on and on and on...Funny enough, I'm never bored. Oh well...Bleh! That's just me.

That's not why I'm writing this little post today. I just wanted to talk about forgiveness and what inspires me as a writer. The kind of forgiveness that is required of us but for so many, including me, seems like an impossible demand. It's been almost a year since...I sigh! It's been over 20 years since...I sigh ! It's been only 2 days since...I sigh! And the list continues in that thing of mine called a memory. Is forgiving the act of not holding a being to his wrong doings ?  Or is it about forgetting whatever happened ? Because last time checked, my brain seems to not be ready for any form of amnesia. I guess I'm the type who needs time to wrap up a situation and consider it bygone. Sigh ! Maybe in one of my next posts I'll elaborate more on why forgiving seems to be so important. 

I've been getting many questions from different people on where I get my inspiration. Till date I can't seem to have an accurate answer to these questions. I'm the type that spends nights dreaming, planning and analysing details. Details of what I believe all should know. Hence why each story I have ever written since July 3rd 2012 has a hidden message which some understand quickly and others  tend to call stupid. I hereby refer to one of my exes lol. I don't really see myself as an intellectual being. I'm just a young lady who pays attention to the slightest detail we all seem to ignore.
Meanwhile any questions regarding me, my writing, etc...can be directed to me. I would absolutely  love to answer them here. Call it the "Ask the Alpha Female" session. Perhaps every Saturday night ? Hehe. E-mail me your questions:

And oh...I'm wondering if you guys will enjoy Catfish's articles...She(or he) is the new blogger on the AFM team. 

Mysteries...mysteries...mysteries make the world go round, don't they ? 

Loads of love,

- the Alpha Female. 


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