August 12th: the day that changed my life


I know I've been on and off lately. Blame it on my new job. Yes, I'm working again #teamMoney just kidding lol. Oh well ! Other than the fact that I'm suffering from allergies ( due to sun exposure) and having some little issues finalising my relocation out of this country, I can say I'm doing quite well. As a matter of fact, I am blessed. If you can remember my last post for the year 2012, you would recall how I felt. I was closed to being depressed. This is where my vacation in London came in very handy. Many thought I went to England to Turn Up, I actually just went there to find myself and my destiny. And dearly beloved, I found what I was looking for. August 12th 2012 will forever remain the best day of my life ( contrary to what I used to call it lol). Why ? It's the day I got "heart broken" and realised I was being taken advantage of the mean way. At exactly 2:32am and 56 seconds ( really ? REALLY !) I got the munches that changed my perception of human beings. Before then I gladly helped friends but now I think about three times before helping them. I now help people I have never met before, strangers I meet on my way to work or home. Knowing that they don't need to know my name, but that I helped them is all that matters. And this time I expected nothing in return. Not even loyalty.  And that's how I have been doing my stuff for the past one year. I know August 12th is on Monday, but my fingers have been itching to type this post for the past 1 month.  

I remember staying up till 9 am trying to wrap my head around what was happening. I was beyond angry. I had never had a history of being that angry at anyone outside my family. And as expected, I took to twitter to ease my temper. Not because I didn't have friends to rant to, but just because the people that pissed me off were twitter people. I know...I know..."An Alpha Female shouldn't stoop so low". I remain human, regardless of my position. To make matters a little worse, my being a female didn't help my emotions. Bleh ! The alpha female wasn't even  born yet at that time. I was still operating under the shadow of "Dprincess" ( probably this would ring a bell to a few ).  It took 6 more days of hard labor before I, the alpha female, was conceived.  This side of me was created out of tears and prayers. Best believe I asked God why he made me go through something so depressing. I got "fired" from the site I was writing "for" on the 17th. Lol! I'm honestly glad I did, because I wouldn't be where I am today if not for that. I wouldn't have realised I had potential. I actually I would never have raise my head above my situation. Like I earlier on said...I asked God why and how I got myself involved with those people. How did I even meet them ? Twitter. More importantly why did I let them get to me ?   BBM and private phone number. You know God is not the type who would give you something that would kill you. His words were: I will never leave you, nor forsake you. For months I kept asking Him to show himself in my life. He knew me better than I knew myself. God knew I had to let go of some things to get to where I'm supposed to. So I went to church on New Year's Eve  in London. Have you ever prayed like a mad prophet ? I laugh. The moment the pastor said " We are in 2013, give thanks to The Lord" I knew my turning point had come. It was  my final good bye to the past. I forgave myself, the situation and moved on. I broke off all contacts that would bring up the  past again and surrounded myself with my lovely ladies ( all 5 know themselves),  my best friend and my family. 

No new when I'm convinced you are serious person  lol 

I grew very fast over the following months. To my great surprise opportunities manifested themselves in places I thought there was no hope. I've not shed that much tears in the past few months. The book I talked to you all about has found a way to publish itself. And it will be available to all. Hopefully the next 9 months will be very meaningful to it, in Jesus Name. ( Don't hate, say Amen!) 

Here are some, I hope, valuable tips and  lessons  based  on my experience: 

- Trust God no matter how hopeless the situation may be today. Pray till you hear that sound of the abundance of rain. 

- Surround yourself with intelligent, good and ambitious people. They'll only make you a better person.

- Live, Love and learn. 

- Giving freely will make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. 

- Find a great person you can relate to, someone that inspires you. Study the way they approach life and its problems.

- Avoid trusting blindly ( ladies, I dun' warn y'all about your best friend) 

- Time is not your friend. Don't sit there and wait for a miracle. Faith without work is dead.

- Pray bold but humble prayers.

- Be about that FCHW life ( faith, consistency and hard work) 

- Lastly, dream and dream BIG. Remember money shouldn't be your goal  but your tool to achieve your goals. Greatness is yours ! Don't doubt it ! 

Oh well I'm still growing. Willing to learn everyday. I hope this post reaches out to someone who needs it. 

Big thank you for the continual support from friends, well wishers and fans ( I still cannot believe it). A huge thank you for the continuous features on 's Facebook page. And thank you to the growing AFM team. God bless you all as your kind words have kept me going despite the odds. I hope to bring you all more interesting articles and stories in the coming few weeks, months...years...

I pray twitter people drama will not be your portion in Jesus name ! Lol 

Love always, 

- The Alpha Female 


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