The Mind of An Evil Woman

It's funny when people think they know me. "Sister Grace, did you enjoy the church service ?" my pastor would ask. I do not enjoy being in the midst of people who shout constantly all in the name of praying. Yes, I am a deacon. Yes, I preach. But no, I do not believe in God. I say this because I was born evil. And if you asked me, I wouldn't deny having an evil purpose on earth. But then again nobody bothers to ask me who I really am. Sister Grace this! Sister Grace that! All I hear is sister, sister and sister. I didn't come to kill, nor to destroy...I came to take what rightfully belongs to me. I came to take what Lucifer stole from me

Brother Kunle is a very charming young man.  He is handsome, charismatic and very playful. Too bad he plays with his christianity. A man tall and strong, but yet so weak. He was my prey. In my eyes he was meat suited for a feast. I am not a witch. I don't suck blood. But I steal. I take what is rightfully mine. 

Kunle came to my office yesterday and told me he needed  prayers. He said he wanted his business to grow. "Sister Grace, please pray for me". I told him to get on his knees. I was sitting behind my desk. Kunle closed his eyes. He is so weak. What a pity. I told him to open his eyes and look at me. "Sister Grace, you are naked!", he exclamed. "Come to me Kunle, come to me" I whispered. I looked into his eyes, I saw lust...Lust was what made him weak.  I slowly took his clothes off. His naked body rested on mine. "Will there be no forplay ?" Kunle asked. I smiled and said "Pastor might be here any minute from now. Do whatever you want with me, and do it quickly. I have been longing to have you". Kunle didn't waste time...he worked my body to the best of his knowledge. I wasn't impressed by his perfomance. I had been with other guys who did it better. I moaned, not because I was being pleasured but because I was so close to taking what belonged to me. At the end of it all I faked my orgasm. Having sex wasn't my aim. It was a ritual. 

Kunle was wearing his clothes when I begged him for a kiss. He smiled. He came closer and we kissed. That was when I inhaled all the oxygen in his body. He fell down, gasping for air. He begged me to help him. But I looked at him and laughed. He finally died. I looked at his lifeless eyes. What a pity...

"Sister Grace, thank you so much for the prayers"

I laughed and said "God bless your soul, brother Kunle"

But the funny thing is...he had no soul. 

-The Alpha Female ( formely known as Dprincess) 


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