The Side Chick

We had been together for two years. There was no day I didn't think about him. Every other day I would go through his pictures on Facebook. I just wanted to see his face, his cute smile and nose. I would read our BBM conversations over and over again. I would laugh at the jokes we shared and skip the arguments we had. Sometimes I would give him a 3 - days gap, just to see if he would check up on me. But he never did. Yes, I was always the one to start the conversation. He never showed any sign of care. It bothered me so much that I would cry myself to sleep. "Sharon leave this guy and move on with your life" my instincts  would tell me. It's not like I didn't try to leave him. Anytime I would want to end the relationship, he would tell me he loved me. His words would give me hope for a better tomorrow. Maybe it was distance that made him act that way towards me. We hadn't met each other face to face. But I was madly in love with him. I was saving myself for him and him alone. I turned down a bunch of men because of him. I would listen to  the voicenote he sent me every night before I went to bed. 

I decided it was time to see  Dave. My heart was aching. I needed to be with him.   My body was longing to be close to his. I was tired of fantasizing about being in bed with him, kissing him...I just needed to be with him, even if it was for one night. I called Dave and told him I was going to be in the  U.K the following week. He didn't seem too excited...His reply was "Do as you please. If that will make you happy, I'll pick you at the airport". His reply didn't make sense.  That was one more reason for me to cry. 

Days went by, I finally got to London. Dave picked me up at the airport as he said he would. He looked exactly like his pictures. It wasn't a very emotional event, as I hoped it would be. He just smiled at me as if I was his sister. It ought not to be so...we were lovers. He took me to his place. The moment we got to his place, he started kissing me. I thought to myself "Yes!". We didn't say anything to each other, we just kept on kissing. He pinned to the wall, kissing me tenderly... I was slowly getting wet. He suddenly stopped.

"You are a virgin, aren't you ?"


"GOD! I hate virgins ! " 

He left me and went to his bedroom angrily. Shocked and very much concerned, I followed him to his room. He kept ranting about how he doesn't like virgins and their lack of experience. I apologized and told him I had been saving myself for him. The look on his face changed. I saw pride. He asked me if I was ready to lose my virginity. I was scared but I said yes. "Sharon, are you sure ?" I didn't answer him. I took off my clothes. I stood naked before him with fear in my eyes.

"Oh my God! You're beautiful. Your boobs are firm and your nipples are nice...Wow, you have a very curvy body" 

I managed  to utter a "thank you". He came closer to me and touched me. I kept looking at him straight in the eyes. He took off his clothes and lay me on his bed. He kissed me. Dave came in between my legs. I felt pain and pleasure at the same time. It lasted for about 30 minutes. He finally got off me. He smiled. He was happy, I was happy too. We cuddled, joked and laughed. We fell asleep. Dave was my man. 

I woke up before him to get my phone, when I saw an invitation card on the table in the living room. It stated "Dave Balogun weds Lola Johnson". I was angry, upset and dissapointed. I had no clothes on. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. I went back to Dave's room, he was still sleeping. I stabbed him in his chest 3 times. He opened his eyes. "Sharon.." he managed to utter before giving up the ghost. I didn't care. I wore my clothes, took my things and left his house. 

I played ALL OF YOU by Davido on my Ipod and managed to find my way around the streets of London.

It's a pity my unborn child will never know his or her father...

-The Alpha Female ( formely known as Dprincess)


  1. Oh my at the girl that said beautiful. ..the story or how well it was written?...if it's the story I'm scared of you o


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