Trapped In The Body of a Woman

My mother once told me about how being a woman is a gift. Every woman is a princess and deserves to be treated like one. I have never really felt my womanhood was a gift. I thought it to be a curse. Monthly flow, my breast jingling from left to right while I'm jogging (and no a sport bra doesn't help my case), my nipples giving a standing ovation at the slightest breeze, being regarded as weak...If you add this up, you'll find out it is not easy to be a woman. I have a child. A son. I'm not married. Looking at the fact that I have a son, I have fulfilled my purpose as a woman. I want something new...something different. I want to be a man. It sounds weird, but I want to be a man for a while. I want to know what it feels like to be strong and care free. I want to be a man...just for a while.

Waking up in the morning, I felt strange. My throat seemed a bit heavy. I touched it. I felt a ball making a parallel movement in my throat. Maybe I had caught something. But no, I didn't. I stood up from my bed and looked at my hands. They seemed bigger. I looked down, and noticed something was erect in my pj. Frightened, I checked. And to my greatest surprise, I had a penis. I screamed. Maybe the world had come to an end or I had landed in a new dimension. I rushed downstairs. Where is Ayomide ? Where is my son ? "I took him to school, sir" a sweet, tiny voice said. I turned around and saw Sade looking all kinds of sexy. Sade is my house help. I am not a lesbian, I do not find women sexually attractive. But for some odd reason Sade caught my attention.
I could swear I was hearing her double D's asking me to squeeze them. Sade is the kind of woman any reasonable man would want to smash. Not marry, but smash. "Sir, is anything wrong ?" Sade asked. I couldn't answer. Everything was wrong. I kept staring at her. I was mesmerized. Her hair long straight hair, her sharp eyes, her thighs...House helps of nowadays do not dress decently. I could see everything there was to see in a woman. She moved closer to me and kissed me. She bite my lips and smiled devilishly. "Sade..." She told me to shut up. I kept quiet.

She told me to take a sit and I did. Sade took a few steps back, and started undressing slowly. She teased me. There was no music. The way she was taking off her clothes...Heavens mercy me. I was dying inside. I can't believe it took her about 45 minutes to undress. Honestly that pissed me off, but I loved the view. Sade...oh Sade. She came closer to where I was seated. " I am a virgin, so...I don't want to be penetrated. Just sit still, and let me do my job" she whispered in my ear. That weakened me. I was paralyzed. Nonetheless, I left her to continue. She went down on me. Heavens mercy me. As she started playing with my balls...

"Aunty Joyce, are you ok ? You look so pale". I looked. Sade! Did she just call me Aunty Joyce ? I didn't reply her. I went to the bathroom and looked myself in the mirror. I didn't see me, I saw a man. A 6'2 tall man.

"Aunty Joyce ?"

What is happening to me ?

- The Alpha Female  (formely known as Dprincess )


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