Troubled Soul

I and Kenny had been friends on Twitter for about a year. To me, Kenny was the man. He was sweet, attentive, supportive and most importantly adorable. I hadn't met him in person yet. But I was eager to see him face to face. From just being friends, we became lovers. I was in love with him. Kenny was such a gentleman. He never asked me for a nude picture. That was to my great surprise because my 3 ex-boyfriends requested for such. Kenny would text me every other day. Each of his text messages would contain the words "YOU AND I ARE ONE". I thought it to be sweet. In about one year of friendship, he had never called me. I addressed him on this issue. His reply was "Sweetie, I am not a phone person. You will hear my voice the day we meet. YOU AND I ARE ONE". After reading his reply, I decided to not bother myself about it.

Last week thursday, Kenny sent me a text message. He told me he wanted to come to my place the next day. Believe me, I was excited. I sent him a reply where I gave him my address. "I finally get to meet the man of my dreams" I took my time to clean up the house. Everywhere looked good. We scheduled our first meeting for 9pm the next day. 

Friday, 9pm. I heard someone knock on my door. I opened the door with a lot of hesitation. "Toyin?". It was Kenny. He was more than I ever expected. Kenny was tall, handsome and muscular. He was every woman's dream. His eyes, his smile, his chocolate cream skin...I melted at the sight of him. I was baffled. He came closer to me and we kissed. I offered him a drink. To my surprise, he refused. "Toyin, I don't have much time...Where is your kitchen ? I want to show you something." I thought it to be weird. But then again, what harm was there in showing him my kitchen ? I took him there. We got to the kitchen when I realized I had no clothes on. My clothes were gone. I gasped. Kenny came closer to me and pinned me to the wall. Before I knew it, he was in between my legs.  My mind wanted to push him away, but for some odd reason I couldn't resist him. I enjoyed every bit of the act. The lights went on and off consistently. I was scared. Kenny was still in between my legs. I wanted to scream for help but I found myself moaning. At a certain point, the lights went off. I heard a demonic voice say:

"You are sleeping with a dead man" 

The lights went back on. I was fully clothed. No sign of Kenny. I wasn't fine. Something was wrong. I felt like I was being pushed out of my own body. 

Ever since this incident, Kenny has proven to be the opposite of who I thought he was. He injures me continuously. He is violent.  I wake up everyday bleeding immensely. I know no peace.

Please tell Kenny to leave my body. He is troubling my soul.

-The Alpha Female ( formerly known as Dprincess) 


  1. Is this some fiction or true life shii? I like thou

  2. Could This Be True ? Only God Can Tell.


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