Letter to the Younger me: The true Strength of A woman

For the past few weeks I've had Justin Timberlake ' s "Mirrors" on repeat. Have you ever had those moments when you just listen to a song and start crying ? In a way you create your music video. You're the lead and there's no one else but you on set. It's just you in the mirror.  Who am I ? Why am I here ? What is my purpose in life ? 2013 has been a year of insight for me so far. I've learnt a few valuable lessons. But I still can't help but ask myself: why wasn't I born a man so I could move on faster ? If I was a guy, I could fight back without owing society an explanation for my actions. If I was a guy, I could move on with a blink of an eye. If I was a guy, I could live a reckless life and nobody would cross me. But I'm a woman. A woman whose emotions have been tampered with. A woman whose personality has been bruised. A woman whose heart is asleep for fear of waking up to a harsh reality. A woman whose life is a story waiting to be told. A woman who is hiding behind the walls of her pen. I stare at my reflection in the mirror and see my younger self. She's crying herself to sleep. She should be stronger than this...I should be stronger than this...

Dear little Sharon, 

How are you ? Sharon Jane Ehis...Need I call your 7 other names ? What's happening ? I hope you're not shedding a tear or two. I hope you're not wishing you were born differently. I hope you're not lost in your thoughts. Not again...no. I want you to laugh. I want you to be happy. Who I am ? I'm the Alpha Female, beautiful. I'm the adult you. Why I care to know how you're feeling ? Well...It's simple. Every bagage you carry, I will carry. Every tear you shed, I will shed. Every piece of glass you break, I will break. Every prayer you pray, I will pray. Every ambition you have, I will have. Every pain you feel, I will feel. Everything you see, I will see. I'm not here to pamper you about life. I'm here to tell you things I wish I knew earlier on. Circumstances do not define you. Not the broken home you were born in. Not those people who bullied you. Not those moments you were mocked, humiliated or embarrased. No circumstance defines you. Only that book close to your pillow, your Big Friend and your heart do. Your strength doesn't lie in the amount of friends you have nor the amount of applauses you get. Your true strength lies in your emotions. Baby girl, I want you to know how important protecting your heart is. Don't listen to what anyone else says, listen to me. Your emotions frame your world. Your emotions frame your glasses. If your emotions aren't intact, your world will crumble just like it is now. It is true nobody understands how you feel, even daddy and mommy don't. But God does. He created you with so much love and perfection. You weren't born to please anybody but Him alone. You don't need to struggle to fit into any group but that of the kingdom of God alone. Be patient. Be still. Your true friends will come along. And they will pray for you when you're too weak to pray. They will be there for you during your break ups and most ridiculous moments. And even when you get sister zoned, they will be there to make you laugh. You will discover your talents as you grow into becoming me. Never stop working on your talents. You have the voice, sing yourself to perfection. You have brains, study yourself to true wisdom. You have the skills, act it out.  Your true strength lies in your mind, your thoughts and your imagination. The moment you stop dreaming, you world will stand still. You strength lies in the Word of God. A lot of people who see greatness in you will run away from your potentials and few others will stay. When you eventually get to the top of your game, never forget those who were there for you. Help, love and respect them. Don't waste your time on those who use and understimate you. They will only drain you and leave you hanging. Love yourself. You will only become strong the moment you start loving yourself. If you don't value yourself, how do you expect God to put something of great value in your hands ? You were destined to be strong and happy. No matter what happens, don't let anyone trample on your personality. Opinions aren't facts, take them and let them go. Accept contructive criticism and polish your skills. This doesn't mean that every bad remark is contructive criticism. There are some people that will come into your life and try to brain wash you. But in all this, remain true to your morals and principles. If you stand out, then you stand out. Don't lower your standards for anybody. Not everybody is worth sacrificing your time and energy for. Don't even try lowering your standards for any guy is who isn't ready to lower his for you. Men will tell you what want to hear. A real man will tell you what you need to hear. That's the man you should keep yourself for. Protect your heart  and body for him and him alone. The moment you put your heart in the hands of God, He will entrust it in the hands of a worthy and honourable man. This man will remind you everyday about how beautiful you are. Strive to be nothing less than the Proverbs 31 woman. It will be hard in your generation, but virtue goes before the crowd.  This is why you have to be strong. Bury your head in the Word of God, and forget what else is going on around you. I just want you to be strong. I want you to value and love yourself. Remember what daddy always tells you: you're beautiful. Don't you know that some people wish they were you ? Find your own style in everything. In writing, fashion, living...More importantly, I want to remind you to stay strong no matter what happens to you. Trials and tribulations will hunt you. But remember that thousands shall fall at your side, and 10 thousand at your right hand but none shall come near you. Don't you ever believe that God doesn't love you. He will never give you something He knows you can't handle or overcome. Wipe your tears, keep running...the end will be better than you imagined. Greatness is yours. 

I love you.

Yours sincerely, 

-The Alpha Female. 

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