The Eligible Bachelor: Coma for Two - episode 5

Chapter 5: coma for two 

I looked at Kate and laughed. She had to be joking. Andrea couldn’t be dead. She couldn’t have gone just like that. I mean this was the same person I texted the night before…How could she just…

- Kate…
- Anthony…They tried their best.
- She’s gone?
- She’s brain dead.
- Then hope isn’t lost…what if…
- Well…they put on her life support
- Oh my…goo…I’m short of words
- Anthony there’s more you need to know
- Andrea is carrying a baby
- What?!
- Yeah…I know you two obviously had something
- But how do you intend to keep the baby?
- We can’t take it out…It’s a little over 12 weeks old.
- But if she’s brain dead…shouldn’t the baby die too?
- That’s where we are confused as well… the baby itself is in good shape. It’s already 3 months old so we can’t abort it.
- Ethics…
- A gift and a curse.

Andrea was pregnant? I had too many questions. First of all, who was the father of the baby? Was it me? The chances are…quite big, if you ask me. But then again, she sleeps around. How come the baby is capable of surviving such fatal circumstances? She’s brain dead and…

- Do you know any of her relatives?
- No…Kate, her entire family was wiped out in a homicide.
- Oh my God…poor soul!
- You can say that again…
- What about…
- Kate. Please, I need you to keep her going for me.
- I…I’m just a nurse.
- I know…But  you know they’d want to take her out.

Kate sighed and looked at me with  those big brown wrinkled eyes.  I saw affirmation in her eyes. Kate was one of the few women I had genuine respect for. She was in her mid 30’s but she was vibrant, intelligent and easy to relate to. I never stopped wondering why she opted for nursing instead of becoming a doctor. But then again…

I know Chambers, Modo and Luckson would want to pull the plug on Andrea.  Doctors without human empathy. Get it done quick and call it a wrap. Putting a patient on life support was like growing  vegetables artificially to them. Some type of crazy experiment…and yes…They have committed crimes under the nose of the law and have defiled their oats. They have robbed innocent people of their organs, making them believe that something was wrong with them. The conspiracy in this hospital stinks to heaven. I can’t imagine them selling the organs to some dealers out there. But it seemed like…You’d believe living in the United States would mean barbarism is completely absent in your surroundings. But I can’t be the hero here…Someone else needs me. That baby needs me.

- Anthony Daniels.
- John Modo.

His hypocrisy disgusted me to the highest level. If he thought I wouldn’t see that evil grin then he must have thought wrongly…Just a foolish idiot as Liz would call a being like him.

- Can I see you in my office?
- Sure.

I stepped into his office. All of a sudden, all my senses went nuts on me.

- I’m sorry for your loss.
- Thanks…
- Do you want some water?
- Sure…

I took a few sips of the glass of water he handed over to me. Within a matter of minutes, dizziness took over my vision and body. I knew something was wrong somewhere.  I managed to text George.

“Modo office help me”

Before I could hit send, I passed out.

- The Alpha Female

A special thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to support this web series for as long as it lasted. Unfortunately, this is the last (but not final episode) of the Eligible Bachelor. The forthcoming chapters will be found in my book that I hope to publish soon. What you've read so far is a foretaste of the drama, the suspence and the many secrets that need to be unravelled in this story. The Ultimate question remains: Who will Anthony Daniels end up marrying?

Until then...I leave the answer to that question in the hands of your imagination :)

Yours truly, 

- The Alpha Female



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