The Eligible Bachelor: Emmanuel ( episode 3)

Chapter 3: Emmanuel 

Andrea’s text…Well,  Andrea’s text… Any reasonable man would drop whatever he is doing and attend to that kind of booty call. Especially when the girl, in question, is an epitome of beauty. Reason it like this…What fat kid would resist that red velvet cake presented to him on a platter of gold? Especially if he didn’t have to be a good boy for it? Well in this case…


“Yes baby..”

“What exactly do you want ?”


“Go home. I’m at the hospital right now.”

“but why?”

I read her message and didn’t reply. At some point a man needs to know when to draw the line. To me, Andrea’s cup was getting fuller by the day. A woman who has nothing else to offer aside her private parts, is not worthy to be a wife. At this age, I can’t be entertaining someone I don’t see myself with in the next  10 years. Tommy might have a mind of his own…but I still run things around here, right? You really don’t expect me to be down for sex after that stunt Levondia pulled on me.

- Is something wrong?
- No, babe…why?
- You seem absent. Are you sure you’re okay?
- Yeah…Just some little issue. Don’t worry about it.
- Alright…
- So tell me…

I and Liz spent the next couple of hours talking about our respective ambitions. Political views…It was amazing. I’m not much of a talker but she made me talk again. I can’t remember laughing this much since the death of my mom. I felt warm inside. There wasn’t any peace in my heart yet, but I was loved.

Liz eventually fell asleep on the couch. I was restless. Restless because she was so tempting. She didn’t stimulate my manhood but she got me thinking. I carried her to her room, laid her gently on her bed and sat next to her. I admired the smoothness of her face and body. How could she be so conservative? What were her reasons? And most of all…Why couldn’t she just give up on me after what I put her through every single day?

- Where are you going ?
- Why are you so beautiful?

She smiled and went back to sleep.  I snapped out of my mood and went back to the living room. I thought it wrong to disturb her sleep, watching TV wasn’t even an option. Should I leave? Nah! I wanted to see what she would look like in the morning. I sat on the couch thinking about my life, my mom and everything that had happened to me. I was overwhelmed. I was angry. I was numb. I was alone.

- Dear God, I need you.
- Do you need me because you love me? Or because you want something from me?
- Who is there?

I was scared.  There was no one there. The voice I heard was as deep as the sound of many waters, yet calm as the wind on a warm morning.

- A friend. You do need to work on your manners…Good early morning, Anthony.
- What do you mean by that? And…and… where are you?
- I’m here, standing before you. You really do love answering questions with questions.
- How…wait…
- My name is Emmanuel. You asked for me.
- I didn’t. I didn’t say a word except…
- Dear God, I need you.
- How the he…
- Be quiet. One curse word and I won’t answer you. 
- Sorry…ok…huh…
- Do you need me because you love me or because you want something for me?
- How am I to know that?
- Well…look inside your heart. Call on me and I will be there. Better still…come visit me. Yes. Come to my house. I will be expecting you. 
- Your house? Where? How do I get there?
- I will never leave you, neither will I forsake you. 

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulders. I opened my eyes and saw Liz wearing sweatpants and a “God is Love” hoodie. Her hair in a messy bun…She was just smiling. She reminded of a young college freshman.

- Good morning, doctor.
- Morning Liz…Ugh, my neck. Ah!
- Sorry. Do you need an aspirin?
- Yeah sure, thank you.  Can I use the bathroom?
- I thought you’d never ask. You stink, mate. Go shower!
- Don’t you want to smell the love ?
- Eeeeewwwww

I tried to kiss her but she ran away. I stood there laughing. I told her I’d be right back. By the time I got out of the shower, a table was set with breakfast. I looked at the perfection with which the table was set. It was…

- Wauw !
- Oh wow!
- What’s wrong?

Liz was staring at me from head to toe. I’d never seen that type of look on her face. I then realized I was still in my towel.

- Let me get you some of my brother’s clothes to wear.
- You have a brother?
- Yeah, Richie… he’s 19.
- Oh, nice.
- He’s a little bigger than you. So his clothes will fit perfectly.

She brought a yellow t-shirt and sweatpants for me. Yellow was my mom’s favourite colour…I sighed and thanked her. We had breakfast. Her look would cross mine very often. She was sitting at my right. I occasionally looked at her, wondering what type of woman she was. I didn’t notice the elegance with which she ate. She wasn’t trying to be classy. She was just real. I can’t say “good” but she was just…real.  Suddenly my phone rang. It was George.

- Yo Anthony, thank goodness.
- What’s going on?
- Been trying to reach you since you left. Bro, your house caught fire last night.
- WHAT?!
- Man, God is really with you. Where were you last night, fam ?!
- HOW ?!
- I don’t know man, just get over here as soon as you can. I told Dr. Chambers you won’t be working today. Hello? Anthony?

Next episode: November 20th 2013 (this time with no delay lol)
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