The Eligible Bachelor: The Game - Episode 2


Levondia ? I was outraged but even more surprised at her for showing up at my house. I didn’t recall giving her…sorry, him my address. As a matter of fact, I never did.

- Anthony, I know you’re in there. I just want to talk.

There was absolutely nothing to talk about. His voice was so innocent and feminine, yet full of deceit. I walked towards the door and held the door handle. I was bound by curiosity. I wanted to hear his side of the story.  I was extremely angry. So angry, I felt my veins were about to pop out of my skin. I looked through the peep hole and saw her…him wearing a black trench coat. I wasn’t about to let him seduce me into another dry sex escapade. I decided to get my baseball bat for protection purposes. I didn’t intend to commit murder, but if it became necessary… Come to think of it, how did he find out where I lived?

- Thank you
- Sit down.
- Ok.
- Start talking.
- Ok…Look, I know how you feel. I’m sorry I lead you on…It was…
- What the f***k was it ?! You think it’s okay for you to go about parading yourself as a woman when truly you cut of your d*ck for an artificial hole you call a vagina ? A va-gi-gi? Are you that retarded ?!
- Look, just calm down…
- Don’t f*cking tell me to calm, b*tch! You know what, yeah? You will and can never be a woman, not even if you tried. Your hole will forever be dry. Don’t be looking at me like I’m supposed to applaud you. Miss “Unique”.
- You really haven’t changed since high school.
- What?
- You really don’t remember me, do you ?

Levondia permitted herself into my kitchen and poured herself a glass of red wine. I kept on looking at her with both disgust and admiration. The elegance that accompanied her steps…The soft touch of her fingers…She sipped her wine and laughed. She looked me in the eyes but my anger was boiling against her beauty. Or should I say…His beauty ?

- Remember when your mom died of cancer? October 31st 2000.
- So ?
- Remember the guy who helped you keep up with school during that period? You stopped attending classes. Your grades went down the drain.
- I don’t remember.
- How would you? I was there for you every step of the way. You never for one day said “Thank you”.  When you got over your mom’s death, you went back to bullying me alongside George and Li. Just because I had a high pitched voice…Just because I had a bum. Just because I…
- Just because you never acted  like the rest of us.
- Hmmm.
- Levon  McGene?
- Hello, Anthony Daniels.

 He suddenly walked towards me angrily.  Levon clenched his fist. It was as if I was facing the devil himself. It was as if smoke was coming out of his ears. Blood red eyes…That is when I saw the Levon I knew in High school. The weird Levon who had no single friend…the Levon who was  pushed around like a soccer ball. Fear gripped me at that point, so much I couldn’t get myself to move a single muscle.

- Dude, you gon’ wake up or nah ?

I opened my eyes and looked at Paulinus. This guy had to be the worst friend I had ever had. Paulinus. A 6’4 tall mathematical genius. Why I call him the worst friend ever ? Well…

- Y’all pay attention. The game is on.

Click…Cans of beer were being opened. It took me a while to get back to reality. I had to make myself believe it was just a dream.  As far as I was concerned? I never met Levondia. It was just me and the rest of the crew: George, Li and Paulinus. All I wanted at that point was a win from the Dallas Cowboys and some cool Belgian beer. Nothing else. No woman, no sex, no guilty feeling. Just a cool game and some cool beer. It was all going well until Li decided to act a fool…

- Yo G, did you hit it ?
- Hit what ?
- Hit it…you know, Levondia…
- Man, Get outta here
- Oh you hit it! Guys, he hit it!

Trust them to ask me how it all went down. Guys would always ask. They would want to know how she was. Did she spread her legs at the first eye contact? Did she give you head ? Did you have to seduce her ? Was she really a virgin?  How long did she go before c…Did she teach you new stuff? Is she a freak? Then you have the ultimate…

- Nigga, Rate her.
- On what scale?
- 1 to 10.
- 0

At that point, there wasn’t really much to say.  The game was over and as expected the Cowboys won. I didn’t want to go into any details so I took my keys and exited George’s flat. I could care less about what they were thinking.  It wasn’t the first time I had acted this way. They were used to it.

I drove back home with my mind moving from one place to the other. Liz’ sad expression… Andrea’s  moaning… Levondia’s question… Sarah’s hypocrisy… My head was about to explode. I felt dirty. Why? Levondia. For the first time in years I remembered what my mom told me. “When you feel all alone, just say a little prayer”. I could hear her soft voice echo those words over and over again. I wanted to pray…But what would I tell God I had been doing all this while I wasn’t praying?  I made up my mind. I was going to church on Sunday. But for the meantime, all I really needed was companionship. I knew there was only one person I could count on to be there even when I misbehaved. I turned the car around and drove to her place.

- It’s me, Liz…
- Anthony? What are you doing here at this time of the night? It’s like  past 11pm
- I know…I knew I would be bothering you. I’m sorry, I guess I’ll see you during the week
- No wait…come in.
- You sure about that?
- Yeah come in, you can’t drive back home at this time.
- I guess…
- Come in.
- Thanks.

The moment I stepped into her house, I felt an indescribable type of peace. The type of peace only a woman with virtue could create. She offered me a seat and asked me if I wanted some tea.

- How do you like your tea?
- Creamy.
- Ok
- With a slight pinch of sugar…
- A slight pinch ? Alright, make yourself comfortable.
- I sure will.

I looked at how much she had achieved. The car, the house, the furniture… expensive taste. She had everything going for her. What would she need a man like me for? I didn’t know if I would ever be able to be faithful to her. I made myself believe that she was expecting too much from me.  But there was that intelligence, that passion only she had. Only Liz…I hadn’t slept with her yet. As I said earlier on, I wasn’t sexually attracted to her. I basically didn’t notice she was wearing a purple satin peignoir. I didn’t notice her hair in bendy rollers. I didn’t notice her beauty void of make-up and comb looking like eyelashes. I didn’t notice her caramel skin legs flawed with a scar or two. I didn’t notice her beauty. I didn’t notice her slight Nigerian accent. I didn’t notice her…I swear I didn’t notice her.

- Here’s your tea…creamy with a slight pinch of sugar, as you requested.
She smiled.
- Thank you…
- You’re welcome. So how was your…

I grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. Her eyes were lost in mine. I saw love, passion, affection…fear and innocence. There we were, just looking at each other. She suddenly got up and tried to walk away. I grabbed her from behind.

- Don’t go.
- I’m sorry, I just feel  like I’m forcing myself on you…and I…
- You can’t help how you feel.
- You obviously don’t care about me as much as I care about you
- Just because I don’t show it, doesn’t mean I don’t care
- Actions speak louder than voice.
- Does this action speak loud enough?
- What action?

I kissed her. We kissed. And that kiss was the realest kiss I had ever had. Her lips were so tender. For once, I didn’t feel indifferent. I was slowly warming up to her.

- Purple is my favorite colour by the way.

She laughed and gave me a hug. Right there, I just wanted to be with her… Just enjoying that companionship.  We cuddled and talked. She told me about herself, her culture… She told me so much that made me realize how interesting she was. She would listen to me, laugh with me…Sex didn’t cross my mind for one minute. She was my new favourite…let me say, brain candy. But I just had to take it slow. I was having my moment for life when suddenly Andrea texted me.

“Baby, where are you? I’m outside your house..”
“You didn’t tell me you were coming”
“I wanted to surprise you with something...I have something to show u”
“oh really? *heart eyes* ”
“I’ll be here…I want your body in me… Don’t keep me waiting.”

Next episode: November 13th 2013
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  1. Suspense....... lol! Waiting 4 d next one

  2. i'm so much in love wit dis story... So intriguing!


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