The Eligible Bachelor: Psycho ( Episode 4)

Chapter 4: Psycho 

I couldn’t believe what had happened to my house. Fire? How? Why? So I would have died if I was there with Andrea ?

- Anthony, is everything okay ?
- My house caught fire last night
- Oh my goodness! I hope no one got injured
- No…only…Shit! Andrea
- Who ?
- I’ll talk to you later. I have to rush now
- Can I come with y..
- Nah babe, it’s fine. I’ll be back don’t worry

I grabbed my cars and stormed out of Liz’ house.  I could swear she whispered a little “God be with you”. I was too devastated to answer her. My house, all the memories, photos…Mom’s diary. It couldn’t be. Was Andrea there when it all happened? Was she hurt? I got into my car and drove off.  Unknown to me, my radio was on. Kierra Sheard’s  Trumpet Blow was playing in the background. I never paid attention to the lyrics of the song just the catchy beat. Isn’t that what happens most times? We listen to the instrumentals of a song and don’t care to pay attention to the lyrics. Heck, no one would care to if their favourite artist was insulting them.  As long as the beat goes, we’re all good to go. Pathetic…Simply pathetic, if you ask me.

I got to my house and saw an ambulance, firefighters and police men standing before my house. I got out of my car and just looked up. The fire had been blown out. George came out of his car and waved at me. I looked at him like… what the hell happened ?

- Dude, I’ve been warning you about these side hoes you keep.
- What are you talking about?
- Andrea broke into your house and set fire in the kitchen after burning a few of your pictures, bro
- Get out of here…Are you for real?!
- Don’t ask me, man. Emmanuel wants to talk to you.
- Who?
- Emmanuel, the black firefighter over there. You need to sign a few documents.

Emmanuel walked up to me and smiled. There was something peculiar about his aura (let me call it that). He was elderly but had the charisma of a young adult.

- Do you have an insurance, sir?
- Yes
- Please, sign right here.
- Thank you. I’m truly lucky.
- You’re not lucky…You’re blessed.
- How do you…

He looked me in the eyes and tapped me on my shoulder.

- I will have mercy on those I choose to have mercy on

I felt as if I was in some type of trance. I felt a little peace and love take over my whole being.

- Mercy, come on! Mercy! Stop playing around and get inside!

I came back to earth and realized Mrs Matthews couldn’t keep her dog Mercy under control again.

- Dude, are you okay ?
- Yeah…where’s the firefighter ?
- Huh? They already left like 30 minutes ago. You were just standing there staring into total emptiness. I thought something was wrong.
- Man…
- You gon’ press charges or nah?
- Nah, G. Let her go. She wasn’t worth it anyway.
- You just gon’ let her get away with this, fam ?
- What else do you want me to do? She’s unconscious and BROKE.
- Man, you let these women ride you.
- Shouldn’t they?

George laughed.  For some odd reason I was in a good mood despite the fact that my kitchen was burnt and covered in disastrous smoke. George suggested I came over to stay at his place.  I told him I would come to his apartment later on. I had business to handle.

- Sarah, how’s Andrea doing ?
- Who? Your psycho side hoe ? A.K.A The baddest b*tch in town?
- Could you stop ?

Look  who’s talking about side hoes… but never mind.

- Sorry. She’s in intensive care
- What? Was it that serious?
- Yeah. She has asthma too.
- Damn…
- Yup…Do you want to wait for the rest to finish ?
- Yeah sure, I’ll be in my office.

Suddenly, nurse Kate walked on me looking worried. Kate is…

- Anthony…We lost her.

- The Alpha Female

Next episode: november 27th 2013
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