AIR, SIN AND COTTON CANDY - New defintion to an old life part 2

Beautiful, tall, and shy … She walks towards me and I feel  the word ‘walk’ is an understatement.
There should definitely be another term for the way that she walks. Something like
 ‘A million angels carry her with the tips of their finger in my direction’. I freeze and hold my breath as she is almost in front of me. It's  funny how the girl next to her, completely fades away in her presence... like cotton candy on the tongue…It slowly dissolves, I laugh within myself, and focusmy attention back on her, my new mission. Other than looking like she is from another planet called ‘Landis de Gorgeousness’, she looks lost.
I look at her and I see that she is trying to avoid eye contact. I won’t give up on this one...

I’m excited, practically dancing while I walk up to my car. ‘She agreed to hang out with me tonight… Thank God for my mom and dad, blessing me with this good looks... It is never a problem to catch all these females in my net just like tiny little fishes. I guess it’s no coincidence that I also like to see them pant for air, like fishes on dry land pant for water... while my hand is around their little fragile necks and I play oga at the top.

Even though Gloria and ‘the dissolving cotton candy’ are talking standing next to us, having their conversation,  I feel like it’s just me and this beautiful creature left alone in this world. She looks up and burns through my soul with her eyes, and that’s when I knew, I got her attention. To my surprise Gloria had finished her conversation and was already walking towards the door with her friend, the beautiful creature makes an attempt to follow, and that’s when I grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye and asked her what her plans were for tonight. Yes, there was no way I was letting this fish slip out of my net.

SORRY!  SORRY, I AM SO SORRY... I see my life flash before my eyes as she continuously pushes my head in the filled bathtub every 30 seconds. I taste blood on my tongue and my head feels like it is about to explode every time I go down.

 Scared for my life, I look at this girl and I cannot hold my tears anymore, this bitch is fucking crazy, how did I get in this situation … why, how? WHY...
‘Lust’ she whispers…  And I get Goosebumps all over my body... How can something sound so sexy and terrifying at the same time? And she pushes my head down in the water again, I am drowning. But just when I am about to give up on life, she brings me back up... At that moment I get an epiphany of what kind of spirit the devil must be... Beautiful, dangerous and deadly, just like her.

‘Did you enjoy it beautiful?  ‘Yes Simon, I did. Now I have a surprise for you ... Just close your eyes and don’t open it till you feel hopeless. I laugh... She has a good sense of humor too… I close my eyes and feel ropes binding my two legs together, Wow... A bit tight but yeah… I like this kinky stuff, I get a bit aroused.  And then I feel her tie both my arms, even tighter than she tightened my legs. And all of a sudden it gets very quiet… I call her name but get no response… I begin to feel some type of way and open my eye, but it is completely dark , Then I hear her, she tells me to get up in a strange voice, I have never heard her sound like that ... I try to see her face but I see nothing. I feel her help me up from the bed, and she makes me hop for a few minutes... I don’t know where we are going… But I know we left the bedroom. Then she helps me sit on a cold surface, what I think is the bathtub… ‘Why are we here beautiful?’ Oh don’t worry Simon, she says in that dark, cold voice again. It gets quiet, then all of a sudden I hear her say something in a language I can’t understand... A language I have never heard before… I am not even sure it’s a language... It could be a spell... a love spell perhaps’ I try to laugh within me... but something about the atmosphere is not funny … ‘Uh beautiful, why don’t we just keep speaking English, so I understand what you are saying’ it gets quiet, and then she pushes me, and I fall into ice cold water.

Like fishes on dry land pant for water, I panted for air.

‘Lust, she whispered... ‘Lust’.

- Femme Fatale.


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