From A long Distance...

From  A long Distance

Ever had that moment when you’re so angry and all you can do is smile and shake? Well…I just had that moment. I just had that moment. I just had it…What else can I do?  December 28th and he still isn’t here. He’s not responding. “Merry Christmas” isn’t even rolling in my inbox. He just still isn’t here. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to be with him wherever he is right now. Do you still want me around, Jay?  Do you?! I don’t think you do.  You really don’t…

I don’t know why she’s like this this at times. I’m trying to be there for her but she won’t let me. Does she think these girls I talk to can compare to her in any way? Damn this era! I can’t even do my stuff low key anymore…The internet has you all out there. Christy… Half way across the ocean… I hate not being able to have what I want. I hate not being able to hold her when she cries; I hate having to assume every thing she tweets is about me…I hate this long distance…

You guys don’t understand each other.  You need to talk. 

Kunle?  Talk? Please don’t make me laugh.  Jay doesn’t listen. He’s full of himself.  I try to talk but then he’s not listening. It’s as if he doesn’t  want to understand.  He keeps telling me things like “we’ll talk about it later” and later never comes. “I don’t want to talk about this right now.”  Being nonchalant, giving me one word answers…He always has to be right. He’s human just like me, so why can’t he be wrong for once? Oh…Now I get it, it’s because he’s older not so? He’s an asshole. I love him but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s an ass hole.

Talk about what,  Kunle? Talk about what, exactly? The fact that she’s childish and doesn’t make sense with her points? She wouldn’t recognize love even if it hit her in the face. But I’m not here…wait, Kunle? Look at this…She just posted a thirst trap on Instagram.*Checks Twitter* Ask fm ? She’s single? Is that how it is? Wauw… Emotional hoe.  

Be easy with the words. Can you guys just call each other and talk things out?

He should be the one to call me first. He’s  the guy. I’m tired of going out of my way for love. I break my rules and bend my back for love…Yet it all backfires badly.  I’m tired. I’m sick of it. *Checks twitter* He called me an emotional hoe? He called me a hoe? Wait…wait…wait. Is he talking to that same Feyi that shared my ex behind my back? Yup I’m single.

Guy, I’m not here. I will never break my head over a female. Never. She’s delusional. 

Those are harsh words don’t you think?  

I’m not cut out for a relationship. I just want to be on my own as from now on. I thought God answered my prayers when he finally brought him along. But then…I have no words. I’m just disappointed.

I could care less right now.

Almighty will not be too pleased to hear this. 

Somewhere outside the universe…

How are Jay and Christy?

They are not well, my Lord. 

Hmmm…Did you search their hearts?

Yes, I did as you commanded. These are the things they thought about…My  Lord, I suggested they talked with each other but pride and ill emotions won’t let them hearken to me.

I gave man the skill of communication, yet he cannot apply it to the benefit of his own mind, soul and heart. When will man make use of what he has? When?

My Lord, what do we do? It pains to see Christy cry and blame you for her failed relationships…If only they could be closer to each other…

The distance I put between them is to fortify their friendship. Let’s reason together…So many rush into marriage without having built a lasting friendship between themselves. What you see nowadays  is a whole set of divorces. You know I hate divorce.  Jay is carried away with the lusts of his youth. Christy, on the other hand, is a victim of her own emotions and past. They would have ended  up being  together. But then man is never patient.

But Lord, that means they’re not meant to be together. 

They were meant for each other.  Christy is supposed to help Jay become a better person. While Jay is meant to help Christy become stronger emotionally. Opposite poles attract each other.

Ah my Lord, since they are meant to be together…they’ll surely find their way back to each other. 

No, they won’t.  Christy will never go back to her vomit. I created her that way. Destiny is one thing. For it to be fulfilled it needs effort and perseverance. Do you see that between them? Destiny can be delayed but never denied is not a saying that applies to everybody. Many rely on this and become lazy. The matters of the heart are not any different.

Oh no. What’s next, my Lord?

Hmmm…Christy just wrote me another letter.  Jay is out partying while he should be working towards understanding her and making her fall in love with him. Mark is too grounded in his past he won’t give Christy a chance to show him she’s different. And he loves her in silence…

That’s true, My Lord. Shall I check on him?

As soon as I’m done making my match.  Paul is my humble servant, but he’s aggression will destroy Christy.  Matthew…no… Kevin, no… Greg, no… A prince…She needs a prince. Mark is the only one who loves her genuinely.

What about Jay, my Lord?

When he trusts me completely, I’ll  give him the right woman.  Hurry, find Mark and make him talk to her.

As it pleases the Lord.

Somewhere across the ocean…

She’s in a relationship…again. I miss her. She’s so beautiful but then…far away. I thought she’d be here for the holidays…Is everything okay with her? Let me text her…Happy Holidays! God bless you. How have you been?...Yeah, that’s a platonic message. She won’t know how I lo…

Mark? Oh no…what do I tell him? I’m fine…I obviously cannot complain. Yeah, that’s the truth…I’m tired of men. I’m just disappointed. I’ll reply him…tomorrow.

Not again, Christy. You have to make it work this time... You just have to. 

- The Alpha Female


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