New Definition to An Old Life

 As he pinned me down on the bed, I looked for a way to get myself out of his grip. He noticed what I was trying to do and even used more force to hold me down. I closed my eyes for a second, re-evaluating my whole life and how  possible it could be for me to find myself in this kind of situation.

‘Oh no, where the hell do I look … why is he staring at me like that…? I am not even the one speaking right now’ all this thoughts wander through those things, in my head, I call brains as Simon looks at me, ….well ‘Looking’ is a very polite way of putting it, the accurate statement would be: Simon eats me for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with his eyes .I decided to not let this guy intimidate me…

PHOW! I heard as he struck me with a sound like the cracking of a bullwhip. His hand must have stung from the impact. I was in a terrible shock as I clutched my cheek in shock and pain, it took me a minute to realize that he had slapped me, nobody has ever slapped me! Nobody expect my mother, those unexpected Nigerian slaps I would receive on my face out of nowhere, my sweet mother I thought only if she was here to save me, from this grip. On this bed.  And tears welled up in my eyes.

Finally Cynthia had finished talking to Simon and the girl that was standing next to him. It was time to leave.  and that meant it was time to escape from Simon’s grip.  The grip he virtually had on me. As Cynthia and the girl made their way to the entrance, ( Don’t you just love it when your friend is talking to someone you don’t know and you just become that awkward third-wheeler kind of person in an instant, well shit that person was ME!  ) I quickly made an attempt to leave. But Simon had other plans, he grabbed me by my hand and I felt a tingling sensation all over my body. I looked at him and he said ‘so what is the Plan for tonight beautiful?

With one hand on my neck, he pulled down my pants with his other hand. I used all my power and might to get him off me, but I just wasn't  strong enough. I heard his zipper go down and then … He let go! He had finally  let me go!  Now was my time to escape. as he bent down to the floor, looking for something probably a condom, ‘Maybe it isn’t too late for me to run, but fuck! We drove to this place... with his car, and my house is at least a solid 2 hours walk’. Before I could even finish talking to myself, He dragged me back in bed, got a hold of my neck and kept strangling me.

We should watch a movie tonight? You know just me and you... So I can get to know you.

He pulled his pants down, and I felt him trust inside me, I felt pain and anger, Anger. Not toward him but toward myself for being so oblivious, I refused to cry, I refused to show him any emotion of any kind. This was the moment I decided I wanted to be someone different, somebody ruthless, fearless and strong... Someone like the Femme Fatale.

And you guys will soon get to know me better… You know what they say about time...It is the best revealer of things. 

-Femme Fatale.


  1. La belle mademoiselle...c'est tres magnifique!....tres bien!.....u never cease to entertain me

  2. So this is not the kitchen? I'm confused

  3. Ok. Pretty interesting. *flashbacks*


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