Who Am I ?


                   First off all, introduction! …Introduction.. 

I have not got the chance to formally introduce myself! I am the one and only Beautiful Femme Fatale, ( Alright let me not boost myself today), I just started this whole blogging life and according to all the feedback I got on my article ' NEW DEFINITION OF AN OLD LIFE' I am pretty good at it too. 

p.s Thank you guys for reading, and enjoying it. I really appreciate it! Love you all x (Part 2 coming up sooooooooon .. as in Tommorow ( Are we all excited ?! 'Yes we are!)

 So where do I start .. well my name is Grace, My friends call me Koko .. Because I like to call myself kokolettedoll (Yes! I am Nigerian ... le tribe de Igbo) Ndi Igbo Kwenu !!

Yes! I would say I am nationalistic, maybe even a (sophisticated) bushgirl ...  though I have never really been to my 'motherland’. The last time I went to visit I was 4 * covers eyes* so that practically doesn’t even count.. but will I raise my hand at the question 'who has ever been to Africa? (Knowing myself I would, with much pride too)LOL ' .. I was born and raised in Europe (The Netherlands, Represent!), But I am now stuck in this state called 'TEXAS, USA (Howdy y'all?)

 My Sweetheart, CEO and diary ' The alpha Female ' (@ms_sharinbaybeh) told me about her new year’s post that’s like 19 days to early! At first I was like ' Nigga.... But low-key it’s a great idea! Go against the 'unwritten rules '  Do the unexpected ,be a Rebel child, Go on girl with your bad self! 


LoveLife 2013-->

Let’s talk about SEX BABY!

This year relationship wise, has been PERFECT! ' i FOUND LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE!, yess .. I have been blessed in that area .. But the stupid years before.. Didn’t go that smoothly * contemplates * ' Go into details or.... ?  I will let y'all decide Follow me on Twitter (@kokolettedoll) and let me know if y'all want to get really deep and intimate about my past, got some JUICY THINGS!!

And also, for all my people out there, that have problems in this area! Let US know!  Because as most of you know and are about to know, we have been through things ourselves!  We can totally help you out ' 

Just send a quick Email to : alphafemaleworld@gmail.com  ; The response will be REAL!


Friendship 2013-->

Mehn I have lost and gained .Yet I still give God the Glory because I have learned so much, y'all would be surprised at the things that happened to me in my 'RIDE OR DIE' LIFE experience, and wonder why I even still communicate with human beings in general. The backstabbing has been real, the fakeness has been real, the heartaches has been real, YES Satan as lied but he has also been rebuked!  ; There comes a point in life, when that friend, becomes family... And I am blessed to say I got a HANDFUL of chosen family! ( As I like to call my besties) Because at the end of the day, they are the ones that will be there for you, no matter the circumstances.

And AGAIN; if you are experiencing any kind of difficulty in this area! Let us know. It can be anonymous or you can share your name, we don’t care! We just want to help!


Life itself 2013-->

Some moments where definitely better than others, but HEY! We live in this planet called earth, and we all participate in this thing called LIFE.. And she is known to be a bitch! , Just make sure she is pretty!

I expect great things in the future, I don’t want to say 2014, is going to be ‘ My year’ Cause everybody says that..  Super cliché. Aint nobody got time for that ‘I am different, as I like to say, maybe ‘ I am special; would be more fitted for me.. But yes, I have set great goals for myself, Education wise, Relationship wise, Body wise, and Blog wise of course, and so should YOU.

Last note for you all: Don’t let anybody, Goat, monkey, Houseboy, Gateman, President tell you that you can’t be successful or productive in your life, Just believe in yourself Make 2014 your BITCH. Challenge yourself. Hit that Gym. Pass that McDonalds. Drink more water. Believe, Trust and spend more time with God.

Happy new Year!

(My people, In Europe.. be safe with fireworks please, don’t lose any fingers)

 ‘Stay blessed beauties and handsommies

Femme Fatale.

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