A New Year, New Lessons and New Drops

Happy New Year, beautiful people! I know it’s coming late but yeah…I’ve been busy. I pray this year brings you love, joy and blessing all through. You’ll have no reason to shed tears, no reason to be depressed. May your dreams come through this year.  In Jesus Name. Amen ! 

I’m writing this because I’ve have finally had time to be alone and  think. There’s something  beautiful about being alone and shutting out the noise you hear in a constantly evolving world. No club bangers, no phone calls, no friends telling you the latest news, no arguments, no fighting…No whatsapp or BBM notifications…It’s just you, your conscience and if you believe in Him…God. The funny thing about life is that it’s divided into 3 parts: the past, the present and the future. The Past shapes the foundation of your present and influences your future in a good or in a bad way. It’s funny how the present will end up becoming the past and the future will be the present (Stay with me now lol). So what exactly are you living for?  This thing called life… Everyone of us has regrets. If you’re the type that finds it hard to let go, then your regrets can be your greatest enemy. It will cease every opportunity you have to move on and smile.  It could be your mindset, your actions, your friendships, your relationships…It could be whatever but it’s one thing: your past.  You have to LET GO.

I’ve learnt that you can’t change how people will feel about you. You can’t control what people will say about you. Half of the time, people will misunderstand you. If Karma is nice enough, it will allow you to meet the person you were years ago ( on some inception type of thing).  And once you meet that person, you’ll begin to ask yourself:  what was I thinking? That’s what you call regrets. Cease from struggling to be understood. The truth is: people will never understand you just because they don’t want to understand.  It takes the right people to stick with you even when you are rolling in stupidity. Instead of listening to what they have to say, start listening to what that small voice in your heart has to say. Listen to The Spirit.

I’ve learnt that when you’re destined for greatness, some supporters will turn into haters. It will hit you like Sharkeisha. But then you have to get back up and continue doing what you were born to do. You’ll be mocked, you’ll be laughed at, you’ll be shattered.  It’s tomorrow that counts, remember that.

I’ve learnt that making sacrifices in only meant to be done on the altar of mutual honesty. Not everybody is worth your time. Let go when you need to let go. Don’t ask too many questions.

I’ve learnt not to seek for revenge because God’s revenge is the sweetest. It might not come sharply but when it does…You’ll  know. I’ve learnt that forgiving others is one thing but sometimes the only thing God requires you do is to forgive yourself.  Having that enemy within is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make. It can be your pride…being too hard on yourself…It can be a lot of things. Forgive Yourself!

I’ve learnt to ignore… Sometimes even those that are trying to be nice. Not everything or everyone deserves audience. Believe me, I’ve known this but putting it to practice was another thing…

I’ve learnt to go with what my heart says and stay with who/what is good for me. Friends might mean well but they don’t always know better.  You don’t anybody’s confirmation except that of God.

I stopped complaining and started living. Good things have been happening. Sometimes all you need to do is shut your ears to what the world is saying.  Do You!

I’ve learnt to cut off negativity…PERMANENTLY.   People who assume too much, people who only know your name when they need something, people who are too worried about what the entire world thinks…People who don’t know when to stop and just keep quiet.

I’ve learnt to keep the heart on lock. Love what is worthy to be loved and walk away from everything with an ugly personality.

I’ve learnt to stop trying to make my point clear or prove whatever. I owe only myself and God genuine happiness. The rest doesn’t matter.
I’ve learnt to invest and just leave it there. Don’t be eager to know the result.
I’ve learnt that my opportunities are in my hands and I can turn them into whatever it is I want to turn them.

I’ve learnt to hold still and be the alpha female that I am.

I’ve learnt a lot and I’m still learning…I’m only human and I will make more mistakes and have more regrets. I’m not flawless.  I’m not living up to any standard anyone has set up for me whether it’s the bar of innocence… or is it the bar of failure?  I don’t care. I’m great. You’re great.

I want you to wake up, every single day of this year, telling yourself that you are great. It’s a New Year. Leave everything 2013 in 2013 and grab your destiny.

Pray yourself to Breakthrough
Love yourself to Happiness
Give yourself to Abundance
Laugh yourself to Victory


May God's blessings, Goodness and Mercy follow you for the rest of this Year, always and forever more.

Love Always,

The Alpha Female 


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