Anti-Gay Marriage Law: Did Nigeria Do the Right Thing?

Anti-gay Marriage Law: Did Nigeria do the Right thing?

Freedom of speech, they say. Freedom of choice, they say. Freedom… Freedom is liberty but it seems as if man doesn’t know what true freedom is about. Yes, we are bound by laws. This simply means that we aren’t free. Recently, Nigeria’s anti-gay marriage law has sparked so much controversy both online and on the political platform that my dear fingers had to voice out their grief. I wanted to refrain from voicing out my opinion on the issue at stake because we, human beings, do not like the truth. Ranging from biblical arguments to purely ignorant and unfounded opinions, I figured it would be only logical for me to attack this present topic. Has Nigeria done its people well by enforcing this law? Do other countries in the world have the right to condemn Nigeria’s decision?

Believe it or not, the Bible is a source of inspiration to many laws we have today. Take the murdering of a fellow human being as an example. It is, without any shadow of doubt, seen as a crime and a inhuman act.  “Thou Shall Not Kill” is one of the 10 commandments laid down by God which is also recorded in Exodus 20:13.  We can all agree that murder is a crime. That doesn’t fall under the shadow of negotiation. Now, speaking of homosexuality… Homosexuality  is defined as  a sexual attraction  towards  a member of the same sex. Many have claimed that God has not voiced out his irreversible opinion on homosexuality. I beg to differ. The book of Leviticus chapter 18 verse 22 states:

“You shall not lay with a man as with a woman. This is an abomination”

Leviticus 20:13 also says (and I quote):

“If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.”

If I am to go back to what Joseph told pharaoh when he interpreted his dream, the fact that God repeated his statement twice meant that it was a decree.  Before God all sins are equal.  Whether it is a little lie or the killing of another person, sin is sin.  Agreed.  What I do not appreciate is when the same word of God is used to justify a sin which God pointed out already.  Now, the bible says in the book of Romans 6 verse 23 that the wages of sin is death.  Does this mean that modern day Christian is entitled to punish and condemn the homosexual?  I reply this with a negative answer.  Your duty as modern day Christian is to preach the truth and intercede in prayer for those who haven’t experienced Christ the way you have.  Homosexuality is a sin, but so is condemning a sinner to eternal damnation when your name isn’t God.  It is your duty to win souls to God and I also hope that you are doing so . Because  having  pre-marital sex, stealing, lying, being dishonest ( please read Romans 1: 24 – 32, and check your self)  and claiming to be a Christian at the same time, is a sign of self deceit.  I speak for myself when I say that I try my best to not judge people. I take them for who they are and I speak when I get the opportunity too. I do not go about labelling a girl that sleeps around a slut. Even if she is one, it is not my duty to label her that way. What I’m trying to say is that if the trumpet were to sound right now, half of us wouldn’t make it just because we like to condemn others and not focus on our own lives. Even Jesus Christ made a parable about this. Make sure your hands are clean before you point out someone else’s sin. Too many of us practice religion and not Christianity.

Unto the matter of homosexuals fighting the church because they see her as “homophobic”…  I do  not appreciate when people contradict themselves. How? It’s very simple. I believe all homosexuals are fighting for the right to express their sexual preferences freely.  I will label their sexual preference as an “opinion”.  Obviously, being homosexual/lesbian is okay in their eyes. I won’t fault them for that.  Now I, being from a religious background and having my own stand on things as an individual, am not a fan of homosexual activities. I’m not ashamed to say it because it is my opinion and I do not want to accept your point of view.  Why are you labeling me as homophobic and fighting me just because I refused to accept and adopt your opinion? My freedom of speech was recorded in “la D├ęclaration du Droit de L’Homme”  in  the year 1789. I’m exercising my freedom of speech.  Now mind you, I am not chasing you or oppressing you. Why then are you so quick to pull off your clothes and kiss your partner just to provoke me? You, my friend, cannot make me accept what I do not want to accept.  I reserve my right, as an individual and a citizen of this planet, to have an opinion as you have yours. Allow me to exercise my freedom of speech freely. You can be gay, you can do whatever you want to do but please allow me to have my opinion in peace. Antagonizing and calling me homophobic won’t solve matters. You are wasting your time on me.  A difference in opinion only brings discord when fools are involved. If you want to practise homosexuality, by all means do so. I'm won't judge you and I don't expect you to judge me either.

My dearly beloved Nigeria…I see two things involved in this law.  The first is the fact that many will take advantage of this law to suit their selfish needs. One of it being the possibility that some Nigerians will falsely claim to be gay in other to seek for  an asylum in European countries alongside the US.  Another thing is  that the people will be enraged to the extent of taking laws into their hand when they see an homosexual. We all know that jungle justice is still taking place in Nigeria. Many will be falsely accused by their peers and thrown into jail for the next 14 years.  I hereby appeal to the Nigerian police to put away corruption and handle matters accordingly when putting this law into practice.  Thorough research must be done before anyone is sentenced to 14 years imprisonment. I say  so  because a lot has happened so far which Nigeria has no reason to be proud of. The second thing I see in the coming of this law is the possibility of protest from Nigerians (that are pro –homosexual) all around the world.  The heat might become so though that the Nigerian government and its president, His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, will have to withdraw this law. This will be followed by the common belief that the Nigerian Constitution is easily bent when not suitable for the people.

As for the countries pointing angry fingers at Nigeria, I have just one question for you.  Are all problems in your country solved?

Until then, I remain yours faithfully,

- The Alpha Female. 


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