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~ Yea that's what she got me into this couple of days ~

Have you ever thought about something, and it extremely took over your mind-set for more than a day or two. Yea that's what she got me into this couple of days.

It all started from having a normal conversation, then i stumbled on a picture on twitter!
chai!  The picture of the boobs i saw that got us talking dirty for the whole night. 

p.s: By the way, I stopped looking for "CARO".

And there goes these beautiful, sophisticated human being I started the conversation with. (Anonymous name). Back to the matter ({}) :D. She got me thinking so deep after our lil dirty (passionate in a way) conversation!. I somewhat Fell in love with her for filling me in properly. At this point in time, i was over whelmed because, she was mentioning her lowkey wet matter. While she was studying, she couldn't stop but imagine a d*ck penetrating her vigorously and tederly keeping her in a soft mood!. As she told me about that, my d*ck got harder! Felt like it was gonna break into two.

My imagination got wilder, as she kept mentioning her "MATTER"! the fluffy pink, tender emancipation. I really wished she was here, the distance got us bad! i felt for her as well. She was young and tender! She needed the man who has the stamina and superlative strength! Im the type of man who got it! BUt the distance is killing me. I'd do anything to fly down there to involve my d*ck in her "MATTER". All i need is the "MATTER TO MAKE ME WHOLE"! i'd give her compassion and the care to make her live long!


That's not the end of it. As much as i crave for her, I admire her more and more. She reminded me of my past relationship! Hmmm (Edo girls can f*ck the life out of you). Anyways, back to my imagination!

Did i mention that my imaginary girl is igbo?! Yea, she is absolutely Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!  Omo, not only that she's light skinned. She will blow your mind like a nigerian BANGER! POW!!.  Her "MATTER IS SO IMPORTANT"!!! Makes the world go round and round! Creamy, pure, and secure ( And I mean tight Af). I'd stop anything for that.

More importantly, I care for her body, mind and soul! you can't just there and not day-dream about caring for her important purpose and goals. That makes her love you more. As a man, you gotta put emotions in it some times. Know what a woman wants, learn to understand her feelings. When she's down, use your kind words to revive her. If you really care, scoop her up sometimes and take her out, surprise her with goodies. They love surprises :D. When she's back from work or school, ask her how her day was (listen to what she has to say, no matter what it may be) then, loosen her tensed mind by turning on the bathtub with hot water, massage her head softly, have her relax her mind!, shut the hell up and not say one single word! (that's a distraction to what she's thinking about, because she's in perfect peace). She will definitely THANK YOU for that, once she knows she's in good hands. Watch a movie together, ask her what she wants. Don't have her get up and go get it! Make her feel comfortable as much as possible (nothing beats that). Sigh* Don't get me Started, cause i can keep going at it lol.

With all this info, her PANTY will drop for you sharp sharp.

#nwplaying DROP - Wizkid ft. Wale

I'm OUT Peace!!!!!!

This post is from an Anonymous source! It was sent to my email!!!


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