"Don't Fingerprint My Soul" by Sola Adio

For how long should I date him before we get  married? Is he wasting my time? Will he marry me?"Don't Fingerprint My Soul" is an audio clip made by Sola Adio, writer of the Breaking Soul Ties series. In this clip, Sola talks about the effects of longtime dating in the lives of women, both young and old. I believe this is a good message to women out there who are looking for answers. Do watch out for my next article "Dating or Courtship? There is a thin line between...". I'm expecting more interesting "Random Gists" from Sola Adio in the nearest future. Ladies, listen and enjoy!

"This clip is about marathon dating. Don't let anyone date you for more than 1 year without any serious commitment. It's pretty much a waste of your life for a person to date you for 7 years only to say he ain't interested in marrying you. Dating you for so long is like fingerprinting bread at the supermarket and making it absolutely useless and undesirable for serious buyers who come along later."

- The Alpha Female


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