Featured Post: Festival of Madness [by Abasiama}

Man's inhumanity really does have no bounds

The desire, the passion, the zeal, the motivation to do evil

It lies deep down in the heart of man, 

Some have tamed their beast, some just let it roam

They let the monster in them out to wander

They let the animal within their soul run wild

Surely, these are mortals like you and I, same blood in our veins

These are the ones that long for power and don't care how they get it

They're like a mad dog without a leash, they are a danger to everyone

They play with power to get even more

They have their pawns, their foot soldiers, their ever ready weapons of war

But life is good, so we're told

Whatever lies they feed us, we beg to be nourished even more

Their activities are shrouded in mysteries, their words embedded in metaphors

If blood will be spilled, they really don't mind

But again, do we really mind?

We celebrate them at the slightest of chances,

They hold the chains that shackle our necks while we clap for them with our hands

They dance on the intelligence of our minds till we beg to join in the fest

This carnival of madness is one so sickening

It wreaks of man's inhumanity to man

This wickedness has taken a terrible toll

But I fear we are yet to realize. 

- Abasiama ( @abasboi1)


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