QOTD: Do You Believe In Abortion?

QOTD:  Do You  Believe In Abortion ?

I was wondering what I would title this post all week. Initially, I thought this article  would fit my  “ROTD”  ( Rant Of The  Day)  series because I’ve been in quite a huge number of heated discussions due to this topic. More so, I’m mentally exhausted.  Why? Well simply because I live in a world that claims freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. You’d be surprised at how many people have been antagonized, jailed and persecuted for the sake of freedom of speech. Does the freedom actually mean anything? Oh well! How do I feel about abortion? I have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to many because they no longer want to understand. Everybody seeks after being right thereby imposing their opinions on others…like me.  For once, I’ll put religion aside and speak ,or write rather,  rather from the angle of a very opinionated  mind. Sue me! ( I don’t  mean this literally, by the way.)

How I feel about abortion is very simple: I am solidly against it. And this is irrespective of circumstance.  To state why, I would have to name the two most common types of situations where the question of abortion arises.

First of all, we have the case where a woman has been having unprotected sex and she is just not ready to have children. Either because she’s young or she doesn’t want to have kids, etc… The bottom line remains that she’s consciously having unprotected sex.  In my candid opinion, a woman in such a “situation” shouldn’t be thinking of abortion in this time and age. We live in the 21st century. The majority of us know what precautions to take when it comes to sex in this generation where a person carrying an STD will consciously contaminate another out of anger and bitterness.  Oh! Believe you me, the media is my very witness. As I said, a woman in this case shouldn’t even think of abortion. Why because if she doesn’t want to have a child, she should be taking the necessary precautions such as taking the  (morning-after) pill in order to be sure of herself. We can’t be relying on the use of an ordinary condom or  “coitus interruptus” (the popular pull-out method) because they both don’t work. If they have been working for you, you might be lucky but I guarantee you, you will not be lucky for long.  You can have a situation where the condom breaks while you’re in cloud 9 or at worst, if you’re using the pull-out, boss man will not time his ‘release’ very well. As a matter of fact, science says a man releases sperm even before climaxing ( ejaculating, that is). In this type of case, I feel a woman is just looking out for her own comfort in life. But then again… If you want to be comfortable, you must be responsible.  If you don’t want to have a child, don’t have sex or do what’s necessary instead of attempting to cheat nature.

Secondly, we have the case where a woman was raped and , in the process, got pregnant.  To say “double trouble” is to underestimate the situation because this is what I’d like to call serious gbege. I can and have to understand this  heartbreaking situation. I am a woman, myself. There’s nothing worse than having a man invade your privacy by forcing himself on you.  Yes, it breaks you emotionally and mentally. But is it enough to make you live in the shadow of an ugly event? No.  In life, we choose our battles ourselves.  We choose what makes or destroys us. An ‘adversary’ would very much probably say: the pregnancy will remind her of the event.  Yes, it will. I will not lie. It will definitely remind her of what happened to her.  But so will the abortion.  Abortion is not a thing you venture into and forget it ever happened. Feelings of guilt will take over you. No matter how much science likes to twist it, I believe, a woman’s motherly instincts would always play a huge part when it comes to an unborn child. They say it’s not a human being until the pregnancy is 3 months old.  Agreed, but does that change that fact that the woman in question is still a mother? That’s one thing I’d like to know.  Abortion after rape, to me, is like smoke after fire. Going for an abortion on its own could be and is a traumatic experience.

I believe every child has the right to live. In this world, nothing is certain. Even science lies. I don’t know what tomorrow holds for me.  That’s the same way we don’t know what an unborn child can end up being in life. Life is beautiful, hard and exciting. Abortion isn’t child’s play. It’s a process that seems like the easy way out but it’s not. They may not tell you what you’ll go through after the abortion. But what I can say with certainty is that it comes with extra baggage. Unnecessary baggage, if you ask me. Ask a woman how she feels after having an abortion. If she says  that she’s indifferent about it, then something is wrong somewhere. Abortion toils with you psychologically.  To say the least, I wouldn’t be writing this to you if had been successfully aborted.

With that being said…

Love always,

- The Alpha Female 

How do YOU feel about this topic? In what case do you think abortion should be allowed? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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