Ghanian Comedian sacked off "Ghana meets Naija" stage because of Marijuana?

I don't know how accurate this story is but Kojo Nkansah, better known as "Lil Win"was reportedly sacked off the recent Ghana Meets Naija stage. For those of you  who don't know Lil Win... He is popular for his lead roles in movies such Azonto Ghost and Azonto Twins. Lil Win has also been spotted in Bisa Kdei's "Over" music video. To top this, he is also known for his mad dance skills and his insult "Asiaahhhhh".

Shouldn't they have waited for him to bring his message across to the crowd before sacking him off stage? If it were Chris Brown or some other international act, do you think the organizers would have acted the same way?

Read the report by  below...

"The much-anticipated Ghana Meets Naija concert finally took place at the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday night, but not without eventualities -the biggest being a performance by actor/comedian Lilwin alongside Guru. Lilwin performed a number of songs with Guru on stage much to the delight of patrons of the concert, but soon found himself insulting some sensibility when he came on stage with a bag, claiming it contained some secret medicine, which he was going to sell to the crowd. He then revealed that the medicine he was selling was ‘wee’ (marijuana), saying it was medicine that can take away one’s sorrows and troubles, as well as cure a number of sicknesses. He went on promoting ‘wee’ until the DJ tried to cut him off by sounding ‘the alarm’. Lilwin persisted, trying to overpower the loud ‘siren’ by throwing a fit and occasionally insulting the DJ with his signature insult (presumably meant to be funny). When he realized that his microphone had been killed, he rushed off stage. Soon after the incident MTN, title sponsors of the concert published a disclaimer on the screens to disassociate itself from the comments made by Lilwin. LilWin is seen as an MTN ambassador leading one of the telecom giant’s currently popular campaigns."


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