The 4 Types of People You Shouldn't Take Relationship Advice From

In today's society, nobody wants to get their hearts broken. People have made love seem like a game of deceit. And sometimes I do ask myself if true love can still be found in my time. The 21st century? Hmmm. If it's this hard to find something genuine now, what happens when my children grow up? Time changes people... Sometimes for the best, other times for the worst. Everyone wants to play safe in this game called love. You find people keeping options, cheating, pretending, etc... But what happens when we depend on the advice of others? "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." (Proverbs 15:22) Although listening to advice is a way to avoid emotional damage, not all advice is meant to be taken. With experience comes knowledge. So I decided to share my bit of knowledge with you. Here are the 4 types of people you shouldn't take advice from if you want your relationship to last. 

1. The Friend with Unstable Relationships 

I personally would warn against taking advice from friends with unstable relationships. These are people that deliberately toil with other people's hearts. They might be better at spotting a wolf in sheep clothing but taking advice from them is a no go area. I say this because we all have different desires. You may be the one looking for a long lasting relationship. They, on the other hand, switch partners like clothes. It's only natural that they will lure you into their ways. Materialistic people fall under this category as well. Telling you to dump someone because he doesn't have money (yet) is bad advice. These people look at the outside appearance of a person and have no regard for a good heart. When taking advice from someone, always think long term. Remember, tables will always turn and levels will change.  Will money and a good dick bring you happiness when there is no communication, no understanding and no true care? If your answer to this a yes...oh well! The young shall grow. 

2. Social media Guru's 

These are the people you find on social media platforms ( Twitter, Facebook...) constantly idealising the term "relationship". You need to understand that 80% of people online are not anywhere close to being realistic. They talk about the good times but don't know how to act when things fall apart. A relationship cannot be perfect. There will always be something that isn't right. You and your partner won't always travel the world and upload romantic photos on Instagram. Sometimes, you two will argue/fight and not see eye to eye. Only in extreme cases is it okay for you to leave. People really don't want to fight to keep their relationships going. Any small thing, you go para and waka Comot. It ought not to be so. The funniest thing is when you hear a woman break up with a guy because he bought her the wrong type of hair. These things really do happen. Oh well! The young shall grow. 

3. The Friend You know Nothing about 

These people are snakes. These are the "friends" that are very secretive but they know all about you. I say don't take advice from them concerning your (potential) relationship because they will intentionally give you bad advice. Either because they are jealous of you or they are know something you don't know. People who give you half advice also fall under this category. Half advice is when someone warns you concerning another person but doesn't tell you why they are warning you against them. It's important you know who you are telling your matters to. Too often we get to deal with cold blooded people that will help you destroy yourself. These people will tell you to do something they wouldn't do themselves. Choose your friends wisely and use the word "friend" carefully.

4. Yourself...when you're not In the right state of mind 

Never make decisions in haste. When your emotions take over your sense of reasoning, there is very big chance that you'll make a costly mistake. Don't be your own greatest enemy by making decisions based on assumptions and temporary feelings. It's a habit a lot of us need to unlearn. Before you pull the plug take some time off to think. Nobody is rushing you. Don't let anyone make you believe a relationship is a do or die affair. It isn't! Shine your eyes! 

The tricky thing about advice is this: the final decision is left for you. No one can force you to listen to them. Relationships are like eggs that need to be handled with care. No one will cherish it more than you do. Nowadays, we often get to hear stories of people missing out on something good because of bad advice. There is good and bad advice, ma cherie. In this game called love no can play safe. Will you get your heart broken? Yes. Love is about taking risks. If the person messes up, tell yourself you're one Bozo/Jezebel away from meeting the right one. Bare in mind that perfection is non existent on this planet.  They will come with their past, their present and their future. If you love them and you can, why not help them become a better person? Use the brain God gave you to differentiate between good and bad. Not everyone has your best interest at heart.  Know who you're talking to and think about your future when taking advice.

"Sometimes if you listen to the world, you will miss out on what God has in store for you"

With that being said...

Love always,

- The Alpha Female 

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